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February 28, 2008 09:00 ET

Collective2 Delivers Next-Generation Automated Trading

Precision Trading Systems Take the Guesswork Out of Investing

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 28, 2008) - Collective2, the next-generation platform for automated trading, has changed the way thousands of people invest.

An increasing number of investors rely on stock market newsletters, trading systems, and "black boxes" to determine when to buy and sell. The number of available trading systems is so large that it can be daunting for even a sophisticated trader to choose a strategy and implement it. "Hedge funds can afford to hire a team of quants from MIT," said Matthew Klein, President of Collective2. "But what's a typical investor supposed to do? Collective2 allows any investor to find the right trading strategy -- whether it's an algorithmic black box that previously only hedge funds used, or whether it's an old-fashioned stock-picking newsletter. Once traders select their strategies, Collective2 allows them to fully automate all trading in their regular brokerage account."

Collective2 (C2) is now compatible with nearly 5,000 trading systems for stocks, futures, forex, and options. It lets an investor see at a glance how each system is performing. Then it allows an investor to trade those systems, automatically and in real time. "Day trading and other investment techniques often require a lot of attention and the ability to execute trades quickly," said Klein. "C2 provides a degree of precision that cannot be matched by any human trader." Once freed from having to constantly watch prices on a computer screen, an investor can pay more attention to selecting strategies and maximizing profits.

"We've seen an enormous trend toward democratization in the financial markets over the past decade," said Klein. "In the old days, only the largest institutions could sift through thousands of strategies and automatically execute trades. Now C2 has created a technology that allows the average investor to pull up a chair at that exclusive table." The C2 technology is suited to investors of any size -- from institutional investors handling millions of dollars, to part-time swing traders with just a few thousand dollars of risk capital.

In addition to allowing traders to automate their real-life brokerage accounts, C2 also allows its members to use simulated trading, which tests the effectiveness of both the C2 platform and individual trading systems.


Collective2, the next-generation platform for automated trading, has revolutionized the financial industry by bringing automated trading strategies to the average investor. Its groundbreaking technology allows investors to sift through thousands of trading systems, algorithms, and black boxes; to choose appropriately; and then to have selected strategies traded automatically in regular brokerage accounts.

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