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September 12, 2007 05:00 ET

College Dropout Rate Climbs as Students Face Challenges; Life Coach Offers College Tips to Success

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - September 12, 2007) - In the '60s we saw college dropout rates of one in five. In the '90s this increased to one in three. Now, according to the Department of Education figures for 2000 through 2006, thirty percent leave in the first year, and an astonishing fifty percent never graduate.

As students return to college life this coming year, the numbers of dropouts are predicted to increase. A rise in financial pressures, distracting interpersonal issues, a lack of life preparation and poor study skills create an environment of distraction that leads to students falling behind and failing.

Once a student feels overwhelmed, the likelihood of dropping out increases. Life Coach Devlyn Steele ( offers this to struggling students, "The best solution is to gain and keep control over your life and study habits. Study your material, turn in your assignments and prepare for your exams."

But if it was that easy the college success rate would be on the rise. As Coach Steele points out, "College success is dependent on a combination of time management, life skills, navigating social pressures and coping with anxiety."

Keep in mind that college performance affects your entire life. Statistics show that a college degree results in a substantial increase in lifetime earnings, compared with those who have only a high school education. Males with college degrees earn 60% more, while female college graduates earn 90% more. Regardless of finances, successful college achievements develop many personal life skills that help an individual throughout a lifetime.

Coach Steele offers these college tips to success:

 1. Know your finances. The number one cause of college dropout is
    financial stresses. Budget your money, work if you need to, and be
    realistic. See a financial planner at school if you need help.
 2. Schedule your life. Students are unrealistic with their time and fall
    behind in every area as a result. Make a schedule and live by it.
 3. Own your study time and study place. College life is full of
    distractions. Find a place where you know you can focus. Stay loyal to
    a specific study time so you do not fall behind.
 4. Know what is expected.  Study the syllabus of each class and if you are
    unsure, ask.
 5. Drop a class. If a class is just too much for you this semester, drop
    it. It is better to drop one class than fail an entire semester.
 6. Manage your fun. Everyone should enjoy a social life, but not at the
    expense of college success. With no parents monitoring your behavior,
    it's up to you to choose between being at every party, and college
    success. The choice will be yours.
 7. Alcohol and drugs. These days everyone is educated and knows the truth.
    So as a student you will both limit your alcohol and abstain from
    drugs. You don't need to be told what the results will be if you abuse.
 8. Take care of yourself. Sleep, nutrition, cleanliness and exercise will
    make all the difference to your success.
 9. Get help. If you find yourself getting depressed or anxious, get help.
10. When in doubt, ask for help. Colleges are staffed with all kinds of
    resources to help you. If you are overwhelmed with any area of your
    life, take advantage of the staff and ask for help.

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