September 14, 2011 15:18 ET

College and High School Students Launch 3 New Tiny Apps (Tapps) at DEMO; First App, Tapp Check-In, Now on App Store

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Product Background
TappMob is a smartphone app company dedicated to app simplicity, and is creating a library of tiny applications, or "tapplications," that allow any action to be executed by a single button. Each Tapp has a slider bar at the top of the screen, an area which allows users to either click or swipe through specific app preferences, and a large button in the center that executes the main action of the Tapp. Each Tapp does just one task, but does that task extremely efficiently. The highly intuitive shared user interface across the entire library of Tapps provides users with unparalleled app functionality with just a push of a button.

Tapp Check-In
Tapp Check-In is a location-sharing application that is the easiest way of privately letting your friends and family know where you are. Check-In sends your location to the specific contacts or groups of contacts that you designate, who will receive your location in the form of a map. Tapp Check-In was released at VentureBeat's MobileBeat conference in July, and is now on the iTunes App Store (

Tapp VoiceMS
Tapp VoiceMS, TappMob's second app, is the easiest way of sending someone a voice memo. Users simply swipe to the desired contact, record a message, and tap the central button to send the voice message. VoiceMS is an incredibly streamlined and efficient way for users to replace traditional smartphone communication methods. Tapp VoiceMS will be available in Apple's App Store within the next two months.

Tapp Facebook
Tapp Facebook, TappMob's third app, allows users to upload photos from their smartphones onto their Facebook profiles with just one click. Tapp Facebook condenses the photo upload process down from twelve clicks to one click. Once they have synced the app to their Facebook accounts, users can take a picture, and have it immediately upload the picture to their Facebook profile. Tapp Facebook will be available in Apple's App Store within the next two months.

Tapp Lingo
Tapp Lingo, TappMob's fourth app, allows users to translate English speech to any desired target language with just one click. Users simply swipe to the desired target language, tap the central button to begin recording, speak, and receive a spoken and written translation in the target language. Tapp Lingo will be available on Apple's App Store within the next two months.

About DEMO
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