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August 25, 2011 14:43 ET

College Pro Experience Pays for Years to Come

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 25, 2011) - As students pack it up to head back to school this Fall, they anticipate a new year filled with all things "college" -- tailgates, independence, new relationships. They'll reunite with friends who summer has kept them from, picking up where the last late night taco run, campus tradition or dining hall pow wow left off; and, of course, students will participate in the activities that really should define college. They'll experience new classrooms, new professors and intense study sessions. Though students will be determined to make memories to last a lifetime, they won't want to overlook an opportunity that will help pay for a lifetime, as student entrepreneurs.

College Pro is a student-run painting and window cleaning company that operates in communities across 28 states in the U.S. and 7 Canadian providences. In business for over 40 years, College Pro provides quality painting and window-cleaning services to nearly 25,000 homes annually; but what sets this company apart is the truly unique opportunity they give college students to own and operate their own business.

A common step for college students as they complete their education is seeking an internship. Internships are great resume builders that spotlight students' capabilities beyond the books; but College Pro entrepreneurs will be able to boast skills much more impressive than coffee-making talents. The College Pro franchise opportunity allows students to run every aspect of the business, from hiring and training, to customer relationship building.

The College Pro Franchise Opportunity is available to all business-minded university students and recent graduates who want an experience that will give them the competitive advantage. After College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning carefully chooses the applicants, they are guided through every step, first attending training sessions on everything from business planning to technical knowledge of the industry.

No one understands the advantage better than College Pro alumni. Jeff Wall, now the President of Handyman Connection, says joining College Pro was a decision for which he is forever grateful.

"I can, without any shadow of a doubt, express to you that the learning and experience you could gain as a College Pro franchisee is beyond any college degree, or any internship out there," he tells students. "The experience and training that I received opened numerous doors for me in my career that would not have been open if not for becoming a College Pro franchisee."

The College Pro Franchise Opportunity allows students to be fully engaged in every aspect of running their companies. The student franchise owners are expected to market their painting or window cleaning businesses to homeowners, oversee projects, and monitor production schedules. They'll exercise leadership skills that will carry into future careers by managing client and employee relations and an entire team of painters or technicians. They'll also pay bills and track performances, all duties company heads carry out. The students are truly responsible for delivering quality work, and for the profitability of their own businesses.

63% of employers agree that too many recent college graduates do not have the skills to be successful in today's global economy (AACU, 2006). They need employees who are ready to take on the challenges that arise in the real world. College Pro entrepreneurs have taken the extra steps to set themselves apart from their peers; they've equipped themselves with transferrable skills -- skills that will accompany them to every interview and job in their careers.

California Closets Vice President Rob Donaldson echoes so many other students' gratitude for the College Pro franchise opportunity.

"It taught me how to push myself, and what I was capable of when I pushed myself, a confidence that remains with me to this day," he says. "College Pro has given me more than I could have imagined that fall day back in 1992. What l learned that summer was a confidence and belief that any challenge can be overcome."

College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning has offered students an opportunity of a lifetime. Learning first-hand what it takes to be a business owner is something no textbook could teach them. Whether their experience lands them a dream job or catches the eye of graduate schools, student entrepreneurs have set themselves up to be successful in any field.

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