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August 01, 2011 14:34 ET

College Pro Painters Lends a Helping Hand

LONDON, ON--(Marketwire - Aug 1, 2011) - It is no secret that Americans have been struggling in a slow economy for years now. For many, finding employment and securing basic needs has become a challenge. Home improvements and repairs have taken a back seat for many families and individuals. It is often in times like this that we, as a community, pull together to help those less fortunate than ourselves. College Pro Painters is the perfect example of a company that operates locally and supports local communities.

College Pro Painters is a student run painting company operating in the United States and Canada. In business for over 40 years, the College Pro name has become synonymous with quality home improvement, offering a unique opportunity for college students, and giving back to the communities they serve. Every year, College Pro Painters offers business-minded college students the opportunity to own and operate a seasonal painting business as Franchise Managers. The students run every aspect of the business, from hiring and training to customer relationship building.

College Pro Painters has helped thousands of young entrepreneurs realize their dream of becoming small business owners over the years, and they have also been a strong presence in the communities they operate within. Since 2004, College Pro Painters has rallied with local Franchise Managers to donate over $850,000 of time and materials to help those less fortunate by supporting programs such as the Make it Right Foundation and Kids Help Phone (a national web and phone counseling service for children and young adults). College Pro Painters and its local franchisees, painters, and managers rallied together after Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

Not only is College Pro Painters active on a national level, they also support and encourage college students in the program to do the same. Sam Yudes, a College Pro Painters Franchise Manager in Carmel, Indiana, exemplifies the company's desire to be active in, and give back to, the community. Recently Sam participated in a College Pro summer program which encouraged community members to nominate a family or home in need of an exterior painting job. At the end of the "nominations," one lucky home was chosen to receive a "makeover." When Sam met the Watermeiers he hadn't selected them yet, but after an hour and half of conversation, Sam knew this was the home that would be selected.

The Watermeiers' story is one of perseverance and strength. Steve Watermeier has recently been given a clean bill of health after battling throat and liver cancer for over a year, four months of which were spent in a medically induced coma. Steve, his wife Toni and their two sons are spending the days catching up on lost time and getting back to normal. Steve comments, "When you're in the hospital for that long you lose your job. Even though my family did an incredible job keeping up with our 35 year old house, there's still a lot that needs to be done. When Sam came in...I mean, you talk about a godsend."

Sam and his volunteer crew of College Pro painters assisted in stripping and repainting the Watermeiers' home. Sherwin Williams Co. donated hundreds of dollars in paint, and Expert Window and Home Remodeling offered wood repair assistance. Altogether, the job was estimated at $5,000, an expense the family just could not afford. Sam Yudes recalls, "What touched me most about their story was that they were persevering through all of it, and that it had a happy ending."

This is just one of many of College Pro Painters inspirational stories. According to College Pro's CEO Tony Valle, "College Pro Painters has always been owned and operated locally. The student painting your home could also be your neighbor. There's a certain level of pride associated with that. Our team cares deeply about the community; we are the community. I see amazing acts of kindness and generosity on a daily basis from the amazing people at College Pro, and that inspires me. We are humbled and proud by the work we do in our community."

About College Pro Painters:
In business for 40 years, College Pro is a North American student painting and window cleaning company that offers residential painting and window cleaning services during summer months in local communities. Student franchise managers and general managers have participated in charity events and donated services equating to over $900,000 to improve community spaces and housing in underprivileged areas across Canada and the United States. The company's core purpose, 'together, realizing potentials,' uniquely mentors and challenges students to become successful community and business leaders.


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