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July 18, 2013 11:40 ET

College Pro's Guide to Effortless Summer House Painting

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) - You can boldly embrace summer this year with a new coat of paint on your home's exterior! While exterior painting may seem a daunting task (houses are pretty big), College Pro Painters, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in exterior painting and staining, knows how to accelerate your house painting process so you can get to the relaxing part of summer (with a beautiful new home) sooner! Let us help you achieve an effortless and elegant exterior painting experience with our before, during and after painting tips!

BEFORE you go searching for paint swatches, take these points into consideration:

  • What is your house's style? Pay heed to the style of your house -- its age and architectural background -- with a little research. Choosing colors that adhere to its style, whether it's southwestern, colonial revival, Tudor, or ranch style will help your house to truly own its new color.
  • What are the styles and colors of your neighbors' houses? Neighborhoods often feature a particular set of house shades, and selecting colors that are compatible with these (but not necessarily the same) will keep your home from sticking out like sore thumb.
  • Are there decorative features you want to play up as you paint? In your exterior painting plans, do you also plan to paint the shutters? Front door? Columns? Trim? Choosing accent colors to play up these features will give your home more visual interest, and depth.
  • How do color tones affect the appearance of your home? A general rule of thumb in house painting is that lighter colors will make a house appear bigger, while darker or more intense colors make a house seem smaller. Color tones will affect the longevity of the paint and your home's ambiance.
  • What colors are already present in your home? If your home has decorative stone or brick elements, your house's exterior should complement those colors -- especially their tone. You can also create a vibrant continuity between your home's exterior and interior by choosing exterior colors that pair with your interior design.

DURING your research of house painting trends and possible painting companies keep in mind:

  • Grays of all shades from slate to feathered gray have been extremely popular recently. Because they're so neutral they can be paired with less standard colors to add a pop! of excitement.
  • Primary colors - Variations of primary colors, especially more subdued blues are paired with bold primary accent colors on the doors or shutters to enhance the visual interest.
  • Color families - If you're looking for cohesion, consider choosing different shades from the same family. The variety will give your home dimension while still keeping it consistent and classy.
  • College Pro's Rule of 3 - An exterior color scheme should, in most cases be composed of three colors, allowing for a base color and contrasting accent colors to highlight your home without overwhelming the exterior.
  • A comprehensive house painting company - Choosing an exterior painting company to work at your home may seem a little unsettling. After all, the company's employees will be entering your family's personal space. That's why it pays for you to select a company with many years of experience and high customer satisfaction standards to meet all your needs.

AFTER your newly painted house is the envy of the neighborhood, here are easy updates to spruce up the rest of your home's exterior too:

  • Replace Old Hardware - Replacing old door knobs or latches will complete the new, sparkling appearance of your home.
  • Paint/Stain and Repair your Deck-- A dingy deck can drag down the appearance of your house's exterior. Paint or stain your deck to compliment the new shade of your home. (Mid-range stains are particularly popular now.)
  • Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Mailbox - Show off your new exterior painting job and invest in a new mailbox or redecorate the one to compliment your house.
  • Gear up your garden - Adding potted plants or flower boxes near your front door and in your windows can make your home appear much more inviting for visitors!

College Pro Painters wishes you all the best with all your home improvement projects this summer, especially your house painting projects.

About College Pro Painters:
College Pro Painters
is the largest student-run painting company in North America, and, with over 40 years of painting experience under their belt, they know all the ins and outs of the residential exterior painting industry. If you are looking for a team of experienced painters to help beautify your home, look no further than the student experts at College Pro Painters.

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