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September 20, 2011 07:00 ET

Colonia and Little Silver Chiropractor Uses Chiropractic Techniques to Relieve Fibromyalgia

LITTLE SILVER, NJ--(Marketwire - Sep 20, 2011) - About six million people suffer from fibromyalgia; a painful and debilitating condition that causes pain all over the body. While scientific studies on the cause of fibromyalgia have been inconclusive, the vast majority of them seem to point toward prolonged and intense stress levels as an aggravating cause. About 90 percent of these sufferers are women, and yet with so many patients suffering, many traditional doctors struggle to help relieve this difficult condition. Local chiropractors, Dr. Dennis Hupka, and Dr. Lisa Mazzella, from Back 2 Health Family Wellness Center, however, report having helped many patients throughout Little Silver, Colonia and surrounding communities find relief from the pain that they had not been able to achieve otherwise.

According to Dr. Hupka and Dr. Mazzella, an ongoing combination of chiropractic care and lifestyle changes that they recommend are able to provide relief for the symptoms of fibromyalgia, thus enabling their patients to resume normal life activities without pain. The philosophy behind chiropractic medicine states that pain and illness are caused by misalignments in the spine called "subluxations," which impair the nervous system's ability to deliver messages throughout the body. Chiropractor Dr. Hupka says, "When these misalignments are repaired through spinal adjustments and lifestyle changes, the body is, more often than not, able to repair itself."

Dr. Mazzella further explains, "When we see patients suffering from fibromyalgia, our first concern is relieving their pain. Through a particular set of spinal adjustment techniques, we are usually able to give sufferers pain relief within 10 minutes. People who came into our office in tears from the pain are often shocked at how quickly they feel better. That means we can treat the back pain, neck pain, and other pains that are associated with this condition so that people can get back to life without being reliant upon pain killers."

Dr. Hupka goes on to say that while a chiropractor may not be able to actually cure patients of fibromyalgia, as it is an incurable condition, regular, ongoing spinal adjustments, along with their patients' commitment to a course of nutritional, lifestyle and exercise changes has given many of these sufferers a new lease on life.

"We have patients coming to us from all over Colonia, Shrewsbury, Middletown, Red Bank, Woodbridge, Clark, Edison, and other areas because we really do help them. So many of these people have gone the route of pain killers and suffered the side effects without really finding the relief they were looking for. In many cases, their regular doctors were unable to do anything more for them, and in some cases, their doctors didn't even take them seriously. This condition can literally rob people of the will to go on. So it's our goal to help them stay as pain-free as possible, in natural, non-medicated ways so that they can live the normal, enjoyable lives they thought they had lost."

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