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School Safety Summit

March 14, 2013 08:41 ET

Colorado Senate United on King School Safety Bill

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 14, 2013) -  The entire Colorado Senate roll call yesterday joined forces to co-sponsor a bill introduced by State Senator Steve King promoting school resource officer programs and grantwriting assistance for all school districts seeking school safety funding.

Senate President John Morse instructed the Senate Clerk, "If you would please add everyone as a co-sponsor," following a unanimous vote in support of SB13-138, a measure that updates the Colorado Safe Schools Act (C.R.S. 22-32-109.1).

The bill adds school resource officers (SROs) to the list of community partners that King has organized around school safety over the past 3 years. "As Colorado community partners, SROs can help schools with their safety plans, all-hazard training and exercise programs, and interoperable communications with local first responders," King said.

In addition, the bill requires the state to provide grantwriting assistance to schools and districts over the next 5 years. A school safety task force established by King developed a sample 3-step model illustrating how a school safety grantwriting assistance program could work.

First, a school safety need is determined at the local level. Examples of how the need is determined include risk assessments, after-action reports, and announcements about the availability of new funds for specific areas of state or national concern.

Second, at the local level, the need is expressed to the community in an effort to stimulate community partnering. This process would build on memoranda of understanding, currently required by law, between schools and local response agencies.

Third, with help from the Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC) within the Department of Public Safety, the need is expressed to funding sources. A professional grantwriter would help customize proposals to align them with the objectives of each prospective funding source. The CSSRC would also provide guidance on grant management and long-term sustainability.

"This program will provide consistency in grant applications, create efficiencies of time and effort, and reduce grantwriting start-up costs across all our school districts," King said.

To download the grantwriting program summary, go to

SB13-138 will now move on to the Colorado House of Representatives where it will be carried by State Representative Leroy Garcia from Pueblo.

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