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Syndicated Solar, Inc.

April 04, 2011 09:00 ET

Colorado Solar Company Completes One of Colorado's Largest Solar Array Installations

True Value Hardware Reaps Huge Electrical Savings by Investing in Solar

GRAND JUNCTION, CO--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - Syndicated Solar, Inc., a full service Solar Company, announced the completion of a major commercial solar power array for Grand Junction, Colorado-based hardware retail supplier, Peach Tree True Value Hardware. The new solar energy systems were designed to produce 143,866 kilowatt hours of solar electricity each year. Completed February 28th, the solar energy system's engineering, design, permitting, solar energy equipment procurement, solar grants, solar rebates and construction were all seamlessly handled by Syndicated Solar. Construction of the solar project was accomplished in two-and-a-half weeks, with almost no disruption to Peach Tree True Value's retail operations. EPC solar companies, such as Syndicated Solar, specialize in efficiently completing solar energy projects.

The solar energy systems installation by Syndicated Solar is a milestone for Colorado's growing solar industry. Peach Tree True Value Hardware's solar array was exclusively designed, engineered, and placed in service by Syndicated Solar's development team. The 97 kilowatt photovoltaic solar array consists of 396 US made Solar World solar panels, nine Fronius solar Inverters, and a state of the art solar racking system by Schletter, Inc. -- making it one of the largest commercial solar PV systems in Western Colorado. The clean solar electricity produced will account for 78% of the total needs of Peach Tree True Value, with electricity prices on the rise, the monetary value of the utility cost avoidance will be ever increasing, providing an inflation hedge and a substantial return on investment. For more information please view the Solar Energy Blog.

Peachtree True Value Hardware also qualified for Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards Program, which covered 40% of the overall solar energy systems cost and the Federal Grant 1603 covering an additional 30%. For more information on solar rebates and solar financing options please visit: Solar PPA | Solar Capital Lease | Solar Operating Lease.

The acquisition of this solar energy system shows true corporate and social responsibility by Peach Tree True Value Hardware. According to EPA estimates, the 143,866 kWh of solar energy produced by this solar system is the equivalent of avoiding 241,350 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, which translates to taking an SUV off the road for approximately 153,000 miles per year.

C.A. Frederick, Owner of Peach Tree True Value Hardware, Lumber and Rental, said, "Syndicated Solar has proven to be as professional and efficient as they promised. Their knowledge of the solar industry is above average, and we are looking forward to great savings. We are happy to be helping the environment and hope other local businesses will follow suit."

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Syndicated Solar is a full-service solar developer operating throughout the United States. The solar company provides clients with comprehensive design and development packages addressing areas including project structure, logistics, permitting, financing, taxes, commissioning/de-commissioning, operations and maintenance, and public relations. The solar company carefully evaluates the unique aspects of each opportunity to determine the optimal combination of solar technology, design, installation and solar financing for each project.

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