April 26, 2007 10:20 ET

Colorado's IP5280 Announces VoIP Safety Net Program for Dissatisfied Business Users

ENGLEWOOD, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 26, 2007 -- IP5280 Communications, Colorado's business VoIP specialists, announced today a "Safety Net Program" aimed at rescuing businesses who are dissatisfied with their current Internet phone service provider. In light of the recently announced patent infringement disputes surrounding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and the financial instability riddling both national and Colorado Internet phone providers, the Safety Net Program provides business users an immediate safe haven and migration to the IP5280 VoIP services platform. As a part of the Safety Net Program, IP5280 is waiving its regular $49 per user activation fee, and offering the IP5280 Installation Guarantee which ensures businesses can be VoIP ready in five days for all standard implementations.

"I am leaving my current VoIP provider in favor of IP5280 because my toll free number, our business lifeline for our customers, has been down for over two weeks," said Duncan Wright, Managing Member of Denver-based Aavalon Consulting Group. "I cannot afford this type of service interruption."

IP5280 realized a 22 percent increase in the first quarter of the year from Colorado business users who converted to IP5280 due to dissatisfaction with their current VoIP provider. Because businesses often make a capital investment for the data-phone equipment necessary for VoIP, preserving that investment and converting to another VoIP provider is a more attractive solution than converting back to Ma Bell and repurchasing a phone system. Additionally, businesses on IP5280's VoIP can save as much as 40 percent on their monthly phone bills as compared to traditional telephone services and gain functionality typically only found at Fortune 500 businesses.

"We have rescued businesses throughout Colorado, including of Golden, Goff Capital of Englewood and M Inc. of Denver, who have been overwhelmed by the poor service quality and concerned by the long term viability of their current VoIP provider," said John Scarborough, co-founder and managing partner of IP5280. "There are a number of fly-by-night VoIP-providers who will tell you that they can support your business needs. We encourage our business customers to conduct the necessary due diligence, understand their options, demand customer references and confirm financial stability of the provider before making a decision."

IP5280 offers a range of unlimited local and long distance VoIP calling packages and data solutions including Hosted VoIP and IP Business Trunking services which deliver full user mobility and email integration. Advanced features include sending voicemail to an email inbox, simultaneous ring on multiple phones, automatic logging of calls, auto attendant that greets callers and delivers calls to different employees, and traditional features such as conference call and three-way calling.

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IP5280 is Colorado's VoIP Company, a Denver-based, next generation communications provider specializing in VoIP and converged IP voice and data services. IP5280 provides businesses the most advanced IP solutions to meet a variety of voice, data and IP networking needs., (303) 800-0000.

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