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September 18, 2013 16:01 ET

Columbus® Knee System and OrthoPilot® Navigation System Used in Study That Concludes Navigation as Proven Method for Improved TKA Alignment Accuracy

Columbus Navigated TKA Study Investigates the Functional Outcomes, Survival Rates and Range of Motion of 100 Consecutive Patients 5 Years Post-Op Who Received Primary Patella-Sparing TKA

CENTER VALLEY, PA--(Marketwired - September 18, 2013) - Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC., a leader in orthopaedic implant and instrument technology, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a clinical study focused on furthering the science of navigated Total Knee Arthroscopy (TKA) as a proven method for improved alignment accuracy and reproducibility of the surgical technique. Aesculap Implant Systems' OrthoPilot® Navigation System and the Columbus® Knee System were featured in the study that showed a 100% survivorship at 5 years post-op when compared with other non-navigated TKA.

The Columbus Navigated TKA Clinical Study states that the major factors for a favorable long-term clinical and functional outcome after conventional TKA are based on correct implant positioning and restoration of the mechanical axis and soft tissue balancing to reduce aseptic loosening. The use of computer-assisted tools for TKA allows more accurate and reproducible positioning and alignment of TKA components compared with conventional techniques.1

Published in the Orthopedics journal in March 2013, the objective of the study was to analyze data from a minimum 5 year follow-up of navigated TKA to determine the intra-operative alignment and stability measurements, the functional outcomes and survival rates of high-flexion, high-conformity unresurfaced patella TKA and the range of motion (ROM) of the high-flexion TKA system during the study period.

The Columbus Navigated TKA study is a retrospective analysis of 100 consecutive patients who received primary patella-sparing TKA. At 5-years post-op, mid-term TKA survival rate, clinical and radiological outcomes, and visual analog scale (VAS) pain and satisfaction scores were analyzed. Some key study findings were:

  • The results at five years revealed a component revision rate of 0% compared with other non-navigated TKA's (2.8% revision rate)
  • Mean KSS and OKI scores improved by more than 45%
  • VAS scores improved and final mean VAS satisfaction scores had 91% of patients with scores in the good to excellent range
  • The authors used navigation tools to keep the components aligned in the mechanical axis of 0° ±1.14° in all cases with stable balanced soft tissue

The key finding of the study showed a 100% survivorship at 5-years post-op when compared with other non-navigated TKA. The study also revealed an improved ROM from 95º preoperatively to 110º postoperatively.

Aesculap continuously strives to improve the quality of patients lives through the delivery of innovative operative solutions. "The positive results of this study not only support our mission to improve the quality of a patient's life, but represent a new benchmark in total knee arthroplasty surgery," stated Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap.

The Columbus Navigated TKA System: Clinical and Radiological Results at a Minimum of 5 Years with Survivorship Analysis study is available in the March 2013 issue of Orthopedics. The article may be viewed or downloaded from or use the following link:

For additional information on the study or Aesculap's orthopaedic product offering, please visit

1 Hakki, S, Saleh, K, et al. Columbus Navigated TKA System: Clinical and Radiological Results as at Minimum of 5 Years with Survivorship Analysis. Orthopedics. March 2013;36(3):e308 - e318 DOI: 10.3928/01477447-20130222-19

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