Column Radiators 4U

Column Radiators 4U

July 08, 2013 11:43 ET

Column Radiators 4U Announces Energy Efficiency Protocol

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - July 8, 2013) - Leading UK column radiator specialist Column Radiators 4U have announced an energy efficiency protocol to encourage energy efficiency within its products and promote the inherent benefits to its customers, along with advice on its website on how to maximise energy efficiency.

The site,, was launched in 2013 with the aim of delivering high quality column radiators in what has rapidly become a niche market. High publicity surrounding the launch together with the belief within consumers and industry commentators that these products are considered a modern-day classic heating installation have transformed the landscape for column radiators, and now this announcement from CR4U is set to hail a new era of energy efficiency within the bathroom goods sector.

The announcement arrives amid increasing targets set by government for energy intensive industries to make further commitments to energy efficiency improvement targets as part of a Climate Change Agreements (CA) scheme set by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. This scheme aims to increase energy efficiency within the agreed sectors by 11percent. Although the bathroom goods sector is not restricted in the energy efficiency of the production of its goods the government target of reducing domestic climate change by 26percent by 2020. It is in this climate that CR4U have announced the energy efficiency protocol to help its customers better understand and achieve more efficient energy use in the home.

CR4U has begun the process by reviewing its entire product catalogue in order to ensure maximum energy efficiency ratings across its products. The energy efficient products will be highlighted as such on the company's website, with greater detail available to every customer when they view the product profile. CR4U also intends to create dedicated information on its site to encourage and help customers to make the most out of their new radiator systems and accessories.

It is a move that will cement the company's green credentials, says Steve Jordan, marketing manager at CR4U.

"As a company we have a duty to our customers to make the most energy efficient products within our niche market available to them," he says. "This new energy efficiency protocol places us at the forefront of 'green' initiatives within the bathroom goods sector, and with increasing numbers of customers eager to make their homes more energy efficient it places us at the forefront of the bathroom goods sector as a whole."

Simple advice can make the most of any radiator system and improve its efficiency. Details such as the location of the radiators can make a huge difference, as can bleeding the radiators and regularly maintaining the boiler. Products such as radiator boosters can also help.

"There are a number of options for customers who want to improve their energy efficiency levels in their houses," continues Jordan. "Column radiators are naturally more efficient as they spread the generated heat over a wider area. However, there are other considerations to be taken into account. Our staff members have been trained to take customers through each of the various options available to them and how it will affect their energy consumption and improve their overall efficiency."

As the government looks to industry to improve energy efficiency and meet stringent energy targets, initiatives like CR4U's energy protocol help to drive the efficiency message to consumers and help them better understand how the products that they buy can transform their own energy usage and also contribute to wider reduction of energy consumption. As energy prices continue to rise it is little surprise that such products are welcomed by consumers in a bid to reduce energy costs alongside increasing energy efficiency.

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