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October 17, 2007 23:59 ET

Comaplex Provides an Update on the Meliadine West Exploration Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 17, 2007) -


Comaplex Minerals Corp. (TSX:CMF) is pleased to provide an update on the current 2007 exploration program on the Meliadine West gold property near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The property is owned 78% by Comaplex and 22% by Resource Capital Fund III L.P., with Comaplex having an option to increase to 80%.

2007 Drill Program

The surface drill program was completed on August 26. The spring and summer drilling program was very successful technically and financially, with a total of 21,758 meters in 102 holes completed on budget (including 17 geotech holes for site infrastructure work). All of the drilling was completed on the Tiriganiaq deposit. The object of this year's program was predominantly an infill program to upgrade the resource status and to increase the understanding of the deeper parts of the deposit. Meterage was also allocated to shallow drill testing of both the western and eastern potential open pit areas of the Tiriganiaq deposit.

Results from the first 36 holes were released in Comaplex press releases 07-08, 07-09, and 07-11. This release details the assay results from an additional 23 drill-holes. Of these 23 holes, one hole was lost, six tested the area of the deposit that will be targeted in the underground program, seven holes tested the deeper portions of the Tiriganiaq deposit, and nine holes tested the east and west pit areas of the deposit. To view approximate hole locations, please click on the following URL:

Detailed drill results on all holes are attached to this release. Highlights include:

18.3 gmt gold over 10.3 meters in hole M07-673
30.9 gmt gold over 3.4 meters in hole M07-678
25.5 gmt gold over 4.7 meters in hole M07-680
44.9 gmt gold over 10.6 meters in hole M07-684
and: 23.5 gmt gold over 2.1 meters
and: 14.1 gmt gold over 7.6 meters
33.0 gmt gold over 3.3 meters in hole M07-685
36.8 gmt gold over 3.4 meters in hole M07-691
13.2 gmt gold over 15.1 meters in hole M07-692
and: 17.5 gmt gold over 4.6 meters
and: 16.4 gmt gold over 5.9 meters

Drilling results to date are consistent with expectations for the deposit. Coalescing of several of the lodes is apparent in some areas of the deposit (e.g. holes 07-684, 07-692) where multiple high grade gold intersections are present over considerable distances. As of this time, approximately 4000 additional assays (25 additional holes) from this year's drill program are still in the lab. The delay in getting results from the lab has impacted Comaplex's schedule for getting a new resource estimate completed and in ongoing scoping level studies. The in-fill drilling should provide better confidence and understanding of the ore body.

Diamond Exploration

Surface exploration to locate the source of the G10d garnet diamond indicators on the far eastern end of the Meliadine property was limited to prospecting and mapping. No surface exposures of kimberlitic rock were found. With the extensive drilling and underground programs focused on gold on the property, this is, at the present time, not a high priority target for the company. Comaplex continues to monitor the diamond exploration results and activities of unrelated third parties who hold ground around our claim block. More work on the diamond targets will be completed in the 2008 field program.

Underground Exploration Program Commences

In early August, Comaplex received approval from the last of the regulatory agencies for its proposed underground exploration and bulk sampling program on the Tiriganiaq deposit. Portal excavation by the contractor, Nuna Logistics Ltd. began in early August and was completed on October 5. The underground mining contractor, J.S. Redpath Limited, mobilized its underground mining equipment to site from Rankin by heavy lift helicopter over a one week period starting September 14. Construction of site infrastructure at the box-cut was completed by Redpath and the first full-face round of the underground exploration program took place on October 7, 2007. The underground portion of the program is expected to continue for approximately nine months.

Assay results from the remaining drill-holes from the summer program will be released as they are received from the geochemical lab and verified. Supplies for the 2008 field season are already in Rankin Inlet and will be mobilized to site over the winter. The Company will continue to assess its options in advancing this project.

Doug Dumka, P.Geo. is the Chief Geologist for Comaplex Minerals and is the Senior Project Geologist and designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine West Project. Mr. Dumka supervised drill hole planning, implementation and quality control/quality assurance programs at the Meliadine West project for 2007.

Drill core analysis is performed on cut, half NQ core with standard fire assay procedures and a gravimetric finish (2 assay ton, 1000 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of external standards (low to high grade Au), blanks, and core duplicates every 20 samples. All assaying was completed by TSL Laboratories Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. TSL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting a standard, blank, pulp duplicate, and coarse reject duplicate in every batch of 20 analyses. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Meterage provided is measured down hole and intersection widths are interpreted to be approximately 80% of true width.

The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the

adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Meliadine West Property - Comaplex Press Release 07-12 October 17,
------------------------------------------------------ 2007
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. weigh.
aver. aver.
hole No. area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
-------- ---- ---- -------- ---------- ----------
M06-671 Tiriganiaq
Deposit 1100 101.6-103.8 7.5/2.2m
1025 150.25-152.85 7.4/2.6m
M07-672B Tiriganiaq
Deposit upper IF 110.24-112.8 14.2/2.6m hole lost
prior to
M07-673 Tiriganiaq
- deep 1100 417.0-427.3 18.3/10.3m 10.4/10.3m
M07-674 Tiriganiaq
Deposit NSV
M07-675 Tiriganiaq
Deposit 1000 70.5-72.25 11.3/1.8m
M07-676 Tiriganiaq
- west pit 1025 50.9-52.3 12.0/1.4m
1000 63.2-65.85 7.9/2.7m
M07-677 Tiriganiaq
- west pit 1100 26.4-30.8 5.7/4.4m
1025 35.0-37.1 13.9/2.1m
1000 45.15-47.75 18.2/2.6m
M07-678 Tiriganiaq
- west pit 1000 42.0-45.4 30.9/3.4m 30.1/3.4m
M07-679 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 155.97-161.74 17.2/5.8m 10.9/5.8m
M07-680 Tiriganiaq
- Deep 1100 351.65-354.4 8.3/2.8m
1000 381.7-386.35 25.5/4.7m 21.6/4.7m
M07-681 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 114.4-130.1 4.3/15.7m
M07-682 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 149.55-155.43 5.6/5.9m
incl. 153.0-155.43 11.0/2.4m
M07-683 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 119.3-120.7 8.4/1.4m
M07-684 Tiriganiaq
- deep upper IF 33.9/34.45 36.7/0.6m
1155/1154 265.89-276.45 44.9/10.6m 15.1/10.6m
1155 incl. 265.89-269.0 130.7/3.1m 29.2/3.1m
1154 incl. 271.31-276.45 13.4/5.1m
1153 287.97-290.0 23.5/2.1m
1152 300.0-307.6 14.1/7.6m 13.9/7.6m
1100 312.31-313.41 28.9/1.1m
M07-685 Tiriganiaq
- deep 1100 317.95-404.9 8.4/6.9m
1000 421.75-425.0 33.0/3.3m
900 433.05-434.0 18.6/1.0m
M07-686 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1155 90.0-92.1 6.1/2.1m
1025 154.1-157.6 14.6/3.5m 12.2/3.5m
incl. 156.1-156.7 87.6/0.6m 60.0/0.6m
1000 190.25-190.75 13.6/0.5m
M07-687 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 163.8-164.8 11.3/0.8m
M07-688 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 112.7-113.9 13.8/1.2m
1025 115.9-118.6 8.2/2.7m
M07-689 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 161.68-162.18 10.7/0.5m
M07-690 Tiriganiaq
- deep 1154 326.1-328.7 6.7/2.6m
1153 332.14-336.76 9.3/4.6m
1100 348.57-349.71 12.2/1.1m
M07-691 Tiriganiaq
- deep 1154 377.0-380.5 7.9/3.5m
1025 416.5-419.95 36.8/3.4m 14.1/3.4m
incl. 419.3-419.95 180.7/0.7m 60.0/0.7m
M07-692 Tiriganiaq
- deep 1155 282.75-297.8 13.2/15.1m 11.9/15.1m
1154 302.45-307.05 17.5/4.6m 16.2/4.6m
1153 314.2-320.0 16.4/5.9m
1152 324.2-327.1 7.5/2.9m
1100 345.95-346.45 17.4/0.5m
M07-693 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1100 65.85-69.15 7.0/3.3m
1075 73.3-75.15 5.0/2.6m

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