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December 01, 2010 00:25 ET

Combined Technology Results in the Ultimate Engine Solution

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - National Fuel Saver Corp founded by gifted inventor Joel Robinson has had a stormy history in proving and vindicating itself as a valid fuel saving pollution reduction device. Such evidence can be cited in Federal Judge Walter J Skinner's landmark decision in the fuel saver industry, awarding $22,747.00 to National Fuel Saver with these words: "As the Associate Judicial Officer found, The Platinum Fuelsaver device is an effective fuel saving device and purchasers will in fact be receiving what they bargained for."

With skyrocketing fuel and energy prices, platinum is the lowest cost remedy for reducing your auto pollution by as much as 60% and increasing your fuel mileage by a guaranteed 22%, with no major mechanical modifications.

Greener Planet Enterprises has taken the platinum gas saver and made it a platinum fuelsaver, now serving pollution reduction and fuel savings across a broad base of fuels for internal combustion engines. In recent years the evolution of the fuel delivery and fuel management systems of modern engines have presented some interesting challenges to owners, mechanics, and tinkerers wishing to expand their engines' performance parameters for power and economy. 

Greener Planet Enterprises has specialized in providing products which have a significant and proven record of performance in reducing pollution, saving fuel, and reducing scheduled or unscheduled maintenance over the life of any vehicle. The Platinum Pre Combustion Catalyst Injection System or "Platinum Fuelsaver" has evolved to meet these needs as well, by incorporating needed changes to deliver the platinum consistently and evenly throughout the operating range of the engine. This is done by forcing the platinum under consistent low pressure into the air intake stream at the point of entry into the throttle body.

Now that the platinum catalyst is being effectively delivered to the engine under all conditions. Greener Planet found and designed an aftermarket computer chip which plugs into your computer diagnostic port. This Volo Chip understands the function of platinum in the system and does not micromanage away your fuel efficiency.

The final ingredient in the combined efficiency boost is provided by a remarkable product with the unlikely name of Xado. The Xado Revitalizant, a unique combination of lubrication products is unsurpassed in extending the mechanical usefulness of any engine, hydraulic pump, transmission, gear train, or mechanical friction component, up to four times its projected life span. "We call this triad of products, the Ultimate Engine Solution as it is proven by independent third party testing to reduce pollution, enhance economy and extend mechanical systems life, by as much as four times the projected lifespan of the system," said Greener Planet Enterprises.

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