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Dr. David Shirazi

September 10, 2009 13:38 ET

Combining Ancient Practices With Modern Technology, Dr. David Shirazi Relieves Pain

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2009) - Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese technique of inserting and manipulating fine needles into specific points on the body to relieve pain, is among the oldest healing practices in the world. A 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), reports that 3.1 million Americans had used acupuncture in the past year. An earlier NHIS study found that pain or musculoskeletal complaints like back pain, joint pain, neck pain, severe headache/migraine and recurring pain, were some of the top conditions for which people use acupuncture as a treatment.

Dr. David Shirazi, director of The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, pairs this ancient practice with the use of advanced medical equipment to eliminate pain from his patient's lives. "My original intention for studying acupuncture was to help my family so they wouldn't have to take strong medications," explains Shirazi. "What I found when studying acupuncture was that the results were so phenomenal that I had to incorporate it into my practice." Most of Shirazi's patients come to him for help with chronic pain, which is the #1 cause of insomnia in the U.S., and now uses acupuncture with more than 90% of the patients he treats. One of the other causes of insomnia is sleep disordered breathing, also known as Sleep Apnea, which Shirazi treats as well.

Common solutions doctors give for the treatment of pain are temporary pain relievers, surgery or no treatment at all if the cause of the pain cannot be identified. Many people feel unheard by doctors who often dismiss their chronic pain as panic attacks if they cannot locate the pain source. "Some doctors may understand that you have pain but not address it or they may say to 'return when it gets worse'," says Shirazi. "These are instances when you should see an acupuncturist, when you have mild or moderate pain, or chronic pain that is not getting better from conventional therapies."

In Chinese medicine, pain is identified as a block in the meridian flow (energy channel). Acupuncture can help remove the blocks and reduce or eliminate the pain. Referred pain, a term used to describe pain that is perceived to be next to or at a distance from the actual ailment, is also very common and often leads to people receiving unnecessary medical treatment.

There are many misconceptions about acupuncture, like the level of pain that is endured or the regions of the body where the needles are inserted. When administering acupuncture, Shirazi inserts very few, very thin, high-quality, disposable needles, usually from the elbow down or the knee down and away from the area where patients are experiencing their pain. The virtually painless process of inserting the needles takes only a few seconds. The needles are left in for around 20 to 30 minutes while patients lie on a massage table with special pillows that hold them in a comfortable position or in comfortable memory-foam-cushioned chairs. When the needles are removed people usually feel better instantly. The goal of this treatment is always to break the patient's pain cycle. There are little to no side effects with acupuncture.

About Dr. David Shirazi:

Dr. David Shirazi is the director of The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley, Calif. which focuses on the treatment of head and neck pain, sleep disordered breathing and orthodontics. He is an accredited acupuncturist and dentist with expertise in craniomandibular orthopedics, headaches and migraines. In 2007 Dr. Shirazi received the prestigious Fellowship Award from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. He recently completed a master's degree in spiritual psychology and is the founder of the Bite, Breathe and Balance Study.

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