April 07, 2011 09:00 ET

Comedy Central's Stewart & Colbert Claim the Most Love in Social Media; Conan Touts the Tallest Buzz on TBS: NetBase Brand Passion Index Compares Night Time Talk Show Comedians

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - April 7, 2011) - NetBase, the Social Media Insight & Analysis Company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measured consumer passion for six of television's top nighttime talk show comedians, expressed via social media. On the heels of funny day April Fool's, the Index used the NetBase Insight Workbench to surface the buzz combined with the emotions and passion levels associated with these popular satirists: Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, TBS' Conan O'Brien, NBC Universal's Seth Meyers and Jay Leno, and CBS' David Letterman.

Workbench revealed that when it comes to cracking viewers up, the prize goes to Comedy Central's duo kings of funny, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who were neck-and-neck with love scores of 74 and 77, respectively. Colbert fans are smaller in voice, generating 8 percent of the overall chatter, but mightiest in passion; while Stewart earned a healthy 25 percent of buzz and a high love score to boot. TBS' newest and tallest addition to their night time comedy line-up, Conan O'Brien, dominated the conversation, generating 55 percent of the overall chatter.

Verbatim surfaced about Comedy Central's power pair revealed that social media users love Colbert for his wacky, informal approach to satire and find Stewart not only hilarious, but also politically inspiring.

"I love it when Stephen Colbert makes me laugh so hard that I have tears coming out of my eyes and I feel like I'm going to barf "

"I just love Stephen Colbert... he's as wacky as most of my friends"

"Jon Stewart is hilarious, the Daily Show is the place to get your political news!"

"Here's Jon Stewart's announcement of the Rally to Restore Sanity happening this Saturday in Washington, D.C. I think it's not only hilarious but inspiring, a tough combination"

Analyzing verbatim on Conan O'Brien revealed that his November debut on the TBS network has been a large source of buzz for the tall, red-headed funnyman, particularly thanks to the NBC late night legacy battle with fellow comedian Jay Leno.

"I am SO excited about Conan's new show"

"I love how Conan's Tonight show just received 4 Emmy nominations and Jay's Tonight show received no nominations and is tanking in the ratings"

"Love this Conan promo for his new show"

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog.

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