October 09, 2014 07:00 ET

comiXchat Free Messaging App Launches; Draws Real-Time Comic Scenes Based on Emotion and Tone

App Delivers Hand-Drawn, Graphically Immersive User Interface to Illustrate Chats as They Happen

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2014) - New York Comic Con -- comiXchat (pronounced 'Comics Chat'), a free messaging app that displays chats through evocative hand-drawn comics, launches today at Comic Con New York. Available immediately on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, it is an intuitive, easy-to-use chat app that creates a unique comic depiction -- as the chat takes place. comiXchat senses tone and attitude of the chat participants so avatar location, gestures, facial features and expressions all change depending on the chat's content and implied emotional context.

Over-the-top (OTT) messaging and chat apps (using data and SMS) is a huge social networking space. Top messaging apps today are reaching over 500M active users and Deloitte estimates that mobile instant messaging services will carry 50B messages a day this year. Popular messaging apps now may include avatars conveying facial expression, or multiple stickers, or a set of customized emoticons.

comiXchat takes this surging category to a richer and more expressive level than ever before. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations from award-winning Australian illustrator Otto Schmidinger, comiXchat conversations take place in a bizarre and fascinating world. "I decided to make this comics world full of the most intricate and fantastic avatars so that the comiXchat world could be truly immersive," said Otto. "To make this a complete experience, I decided to work with black and white only, and made the scenes look as if they were torn from the pages of a weird fantasy comic book."

How comiXchat works

comiXchat' s artificial intelligence engine takes the content and the context of the messaging conversation and draws an as-it-happens illustration that depicts the conversation. Utilizing multiple avatars and settings, the app acts as an automatic, virtual comics artist, changing the comiXchat avatars' positions, expressions, background settings, camera angles and lighting to illustrate the conversation. Chats can then be saved or shared (a frame or whole conversation) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social platform.

"Users are going to have the most fantastic experience when they see their chats illustrated like this. It happens before your eyes as you carry on the chat," said Mark Goodair, Co-Founder, Nubis. "comiXchat is the only messaging app which can make every chat a comic with a unique and artistic look that is never duplicated. It takes the entire experience to a new level - giving chatters a whole world that is revealed and documented as their conversations progress."

Deep technical expertise creates expressive engagement and sharing

comiXchat offers all the typical capabilities of the most popular chat applications: sending and receiving immediate messages, attaching rich media to their chats, as well as supporting group discussions.

In addition, comiXchat's social network platform backend includes:

  • Intensive real-time mobile app graphical interface
  • Support for massive scale of simultaneous comic chats
  • Messaging distribution to users worldwide as-it-happens
  • State-of-the-art virtual comics artist engine responsible for the automatic scene staging, camera operation, settings and avatar choreography

comiXchat is free (with ads). A premium version is also available for purchase which includes more avatars and background settings with no ads. Both versions can be downloaded today from iTunes App store, Google Play and Windows Phone store or from

comiXchat is starting a social media campaign for downloads, with the winners getting an autographed copy of their avatar, hand drawn by Otto Schmidinger. All rules are available here:

More information and download information about comiXchat is available at

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