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October 20, 2008 09:00 ET

Command Technology Group plc partnership agreement with WIN plc to deliver interactive 3G video services



  Command Technology Group plc partnership agreement with WIN plc to deliver interactive 3G video
                      Playview3G is the first in a wave of new joint services
The Directors of Command Technology Plc are pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership
agreement with WIN plc, a leading provider of interactive mobile entertainment and information
services, to jointly deliver interactive 3G video services to mobile phones.

The first exclusive joint video service Playview3G, available now, allows users on a 3G handset
across any network to watch live streamed casino style mobile TV and place a bet on the game in
realtime without a break from the video stream.

Playview3G builds on existing online and TV betting applications where users watch a TV channel
with the option to bet using their home phone.

Graham Rivers, CEO of WIN commented, "Consumers are expecting more from 3G video. Playview3G is a
pivotal video service for the betting and gaming sector, enabling users of 3G handsets the freedom
to watch TV and bet when they are away from their TVs."

"By partnering with a leading technology provider such as Command Technology Group, we look
forward to delivering a raft of compelling services that offer something unique and new to users,"
concludes Rivers.

The new medium provides broadcasters, internet providers and content owners a new platform for
interaction with customers as well as a reliable video and audio stream to deliver content to
consumers. Users have instant access to security protected account information with a single call
to an automated voice account at no added cost.

"Seamless, real-time interactive video services is the catalyst that will drive the uptake of 3G
calling by offering an enriched user experience on the move to over 10 million potential customers
using 3G networks," says Mick Gossage Operations Director at CTG. "Playview3G will drive data
revenues for operators and add value to stakeholders and advertisers, as well as consumers."

About Command Technology Group

Command Technology Group (CTG) Plc is dedicated to exploiting and building integrated multi
platform content solutions with true audience interactivity & participation at its core towards
true convergence.

About WIN

WIN is an innovator in interactive mobile entertainment and information distribution with a ten-
year track record of developing an unrivalled variety of services for Europe's leading content
owners, mobile operators, corporate enterprises, broadcasters and media corporations.

WIN enables companies to use mobile services to improve business efficiency, grow revenues and
reduce costs. Companies using WIN's services are able to improve communication with existing
customers, attract new customers, increase brand loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction. An
impressive and growing client list includes such household names as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange,
Sony Ericsson, AOL, Barclays Bank, Centrica and E-On.

Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, UK, the Group has built on its success by extending its reach
into new overseas markets including Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Scandinavia,
Australia, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. WIN is structured into three operational
units, Managed Services, Enterprise Solutions and New Media.

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