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September 13, 2007 08:45 ET

Commander and Donner to Re-Activate the South Voisey's Bay Nickel Project

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2007) - Commander Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:CMD) reports that the Company and its partner, Donner Metals Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:DON), collectively the Companies, have agreed to re-activate the Sarah Lake project, part of the South Voisey's Bay (SVB) properties in Labrador. The project is located about 90 kilometres south of the Voisey's Bay Nickel Mine and is situated on one of the best developments of anomalous Ni-Cu sulphide mineralization hosted by mafic plutonic rocks in the region outside of Voisey's Bay.

The Companies have maintained their interests in the property and adjacent ground since first acquired during the staking rush that immediately followed the Voisey's Bay discovery in the mid 1990's.

The Sarah Lake property covers a portion of the extensive Pants Lake Gabbro Complex, which is similar in age and chemical composition to the intrusions that host the 150 Mt. Voisey's Bay nickel deposits. Large areas of the key basal contact of the gabbro lie within a few hundred metres of the surface and significant areas have not been sufficiently explored for nickel-bearing massive sulphide accumulation. Government geologists have calculated that a very large volume of nickel metal has been removed from the gabbro melt and it is interpreted that the nickel has been concentrated in magmatic sulphides during the injection of the intrusion(s). The location of this concentration has yet to be discovered.

In a 2000 publication by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (by A. Kerr), sulphide mineralization from the Pants Lake Gabbro is described as, "texturally and mineralogically similar to Voisey's Bay" and that "virtually all of the gabbroic rocks have been depleted in Ni and Cu by interaction with sulphidic liquids." In addition, the publication goes on to say that "the potential of the Pants Lake area is far from fully tested as the intrusion has a surface area about 100 times larger than the Voisey's Bay intrusion."

Previous work determined that a large portion of the North Gabbro-Black Gabbro phase of the Pants Lake Complex underlies the Sarah Lake property. This portion of the North Gabbro is associated with numerous nickel sulphide intersections ranging from 0.5% nickel to 11.9% nickel on the property immediately to the west of Sarah Lake. For example, historical intersections located less than one kilometre to the west of the Sarah Lake property reported from the Donner/Northern Abitibi joint venture included:

11.9% nickel, 9.6% copper over 1.10 metres in the footwall (Hole 97-75)

1.13% nickel, 0.78% copper over 15.7 metres in gabbro (Hole 97-96)

4.49% nickel, 2.6% copper over 0.20 metres in gabbro (Hole 98-131)

The North Gabbro in this area contains several other geological characteristics that are associated with Voisey's Bay nickel such as "Leopard Spot" textures and assimilation by the gabbro of large volumes of local country rock. Furthermore, the latest work showed that very little of the North Gabbro has been tested by drilling here, leaving ample room for a Voisey's Bay sized deposit on the Sarah Lake property.

Previous geophysical surveys located discrete conductors at a depth coincident with the interpreted base of the North Gabbro. Since high grade nickel sulphide deposits are usually highly conductive, the Companies have decided to undertake an extensive low frequency electromagnetic (EM) survey on the Sarah Lake Property utilizing the well known UTEM system to better define the existing anomalies and identify new prospective targets.

Crews have been mobilized to the property to re-habilitate the camp facilities. Also, previously cut lines will be inspected and re-habilitated as necessary and extra line cutting may be required for the proposed survey. It is expected that about 50 line kilometres of surveying will cover the favorable ground on the Sarah Lake property. Timing for the work has not been finalized due to the availability of contractors, but the plan is to complete the work in October if possible. Alternatively, the survey work will be done in April/May of 2008.

About three kilometres to the north of the Sarah Lake Property, the Company owns 100% of the Sally and Sadie claims and 59.9% of the Adlatok 1 property, all of which form a contiguous block adjoining the Sarah Lake property. Work by the Company in the western portion of this block identified a highly contaminated gabbro which appears to extend eastward. A reconnaissance AMT-EM survey (audio-magneto-telluric) identified three apparent conductors on these properties on lines spaced one kilometre apart. The Company is assessing the logistics and budget for completing approximately 60 kilometres of UTEM-EM survey, in conjunction with work on the Sarah Lake property, to detail and verify the AMT anomalies on Sally, Adlatok 1 and Sadie.

The Company owns 48.2% of the Sarah Lake Property, 59.9% of the Adlatok 1 and 100% of Sally and Sadie. Donner is the operator of the Sarah Lake Joint Venture and Commander is the operator of the Adlatok 1 Joint Venture.

The new geophysical data will be integrated with existing geological, geochemical and geophysical data to generate drill targets for 2008.

Summary information and maps of the properties can be found on the Company's website at

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