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August 02, 2005 08:00 ET

CommerceHub Announces Availability of Partner Relationship Management Application

CommerceHub's PRM to Provide Retailers With an Improved Way to Manage Their Partner Relationships

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 2, 2005 -- eTail 2005 Conference -- CommerceHub, a leading provider of fulfillment and integration solutions for retailers operating in multi-channel environments, announced today at the eTail 2005 conference that it has launched a supply chain industry first -- Partner Relationship Management (PRM) application. As part of CommerceHub's Drop-Ship Master solution, PRM helps retailers more effectively manage their trading partner network by giving them centralized and complete visibility into all facets of their relationships.

Until now, retailers have had limited visibility into supply chain and fulfillment performance patterns, partner connection and testing status, as well as partner profile information. With the launch of PRM, CommerceHub's retailer customers gain a holistic view of existing partner relationships and improve their ability to establish new trading connections, allowing them to manage and grow their extended supply chains more efficiently.

Retailers will gain invaluable insight into their supply chain networks through reports and scorecards that provide a performance snapshot for individual partners, groups of partners, and even the entire supply chain. Additionally, retailers will be able to directly compare a partner's performance against other partners, groups of partners, or the entire supply chain. This will enable a retailer to ensure it has the best partners possible in its extended supply chain.

"In order for retailers to stay competitive in the marketplace, it is absolutely critical that they know how their supply chains are performing and we're arming our customers with the insight and tools to accomplish this objective," said Frank Poore, president and CEO of CommerceHub. "The launch of PRM is a major step forward for extended supply chain management and further demonstrates CommerceHub's commitment to providing leading-edge technology that empowers retailers to expand their product offerings without inventory risk through drop-shipping, while maintaining the same levels of fulfillment performance, brand identity and customer service as if they had shipped the products out of their own warehouse."

The Drop-Ship Master PRM application includes the following new features:

--  Supply chain performance:  Includes graphical performance reports,
    historical trends, supplier scorecards and more.  Retailers see the big
    picture of how their supply chain is performing over time.
--  Drop-Ship Master Executive Dashboard: Helps retail executives obtain a
    complete view of supply chain performance by receiving immediate business
    intelligence regarding the status of their overall fulfillment operation in
    a single view.
--  Connection status tracker: Allows retailers to track partners' on-
    ramping activities including connection status, testing history, and more.
--  Partner portfolio: Provides access to specific information about a
    retailer's trading partners such as up-to-date contact information,
    geographic location, warehouse information, hours of operation, and more.

"The main challenges in drop-ship center around electronic integration, visibility, and exceptions management, and these issues prevent many companies from realizing the enormous benefits of drop-shipping. CommerceHub's Universal Connection Hub and Drop-Ship Master have made these problems a thing of the past for us," said Steve Hamlin, VP Operations at QVC. "The next challenge is to optimize the set of partners that make up a drop-ship network. PRM will now enable us to make sure we have the right mix of suppliers delivering the most value possible."

The new PRM application is available to retailers now and is being demonstrated at the eTail 2005 conference this week. CommerceHub's next release of the application will include additional features specific to suppliers.

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CommerceHub is the industry's leading provider of fulfillment and integration solutions for retailers operating in multi-channel environments. A proven pioneer and visionary in drop-ship integration solutions, CommerceHub provides a universal platform for connecting with suppliers of all shapes and sizes and managing the delivery of goods regardless of the fulfillment model and back-end systems involved. CommerceHub delivers both real-time visibility into the supply chain and advanced, exception-based management applications to overcome the complexities associated with multi-channel retailing and ensure that orders reach their end destination in the most efficient manner possible without sacrificing quality or service levels.

CommerceHub's any-to-any translation and integration platform allows every supplier to become 100% compliant with its retail partners' specifications regardless of disparate IT systems and capabilities. The company's drop- and bulk-shipping integration solutions facilitate a dramatically improved fulfillment process, resulting in significant savings and improved customer service for retailers and merchants.

With nearly a decade of experience working with Top 25 retailers and a wide array of major brand name suppliers, CommerceHub manages nearly 1 billion in goods annually on behalf of such industry leaders as Costco, QVC, Staples, Circuit City, eToys, KB Toys, Kmart, Macys, Sears, Target, Walgreens, Dell, Toshiba, Sanyo, Minolta, Gateway and Little Tikes.

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