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October 28, 2015 15:28 ET

Committee Likely to Request Government to Change the Motor Vehicle Act

Several Personal Injury Attorneys Would Be Part of a Committee That Is Likely to Make Recommendations to the Government to Make Changes to the Motor Vehicle Act in BC; Jiwa Law Corp Supports the Mission to Make Roads Safer for All

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - October 28, 2015) - Personal Injury Attorneys would be part of a committee that aims to make recommendations to the Government of BC to make changes to the Motor Vehicle Act in an effort to make roads safer for all kinds of travelers, reports News 1130 at Some personal injury lawyers believe that the name of the act is biased, since it focuses primarily on motor vehicles and sidelines pedestrians and bicyclists. The committee suggests changing the name to "Road Safety Act" in order to include all kinds of travelers on Vancouver's roads.

Jiwa Law Corp is a strong sponsor of road safety and believes that the Government should strive to make laws equal for all. Personal injury attorneys at Jiwa Law Corp have showed support for the committee's efforts in increasing road safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and also commend the existing laws in BC that provide protection to non-motor travelers, such as pedestrians.

"Generally, if you are injured in a pedestrian accident in British Columbia, regardless of who is at fault, ICBC must provide accident benefits (called Part 7 Benefits) to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses up to a maximum of $150,000," states a representative from Jiwa Law Corp. "These accident benefits can include expenses such as physiotherapy or chiropractor treatments, medications, home support services, and medical equipment."

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