February 12, 2007 08:57 ET

Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc.: Advanced Remediation Technologies Contract Phase I Testing of SET™ Technology Proceeding on Schedule - Topical Report Issued to DOE

Waste Types Tested Expanded to Mixed Waste; Phase II Testing Proposal Submitted to DOE

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 12, 2007 -- Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: CXIA), today announced that the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Commodore Advanced Sciences, Inc. (CASI), has completed approximately 85% of the testing on various waste surrogates and matrices under the Phase I contract award to the Company by the DOE-EM Advanced Remediation Technologies (ART) program. The ART program is designed by the DOE to test various mixed waste surrogates and matrices which mimic the waste types found in holding tanks and other areas at DOE legacy waste sites such as those at Savannah River, Hanford, and other locations. This contract is one of ten awarded last August by DOE as part of its Advanced Remediation Technologies (ART) program. CASI has submitted its Topical Report on its Phase I results, a milestone, and has submitted its Phase II proposal to the DOE in accord with its ART contract.

President and Chief Operating officer, Mr. Mack Jones stated: "We have been processing commercial volumes of mixed waste streams for years using our commercial equipment, destroying organic materials at levels compliant with regulated disposal, but this new ART study involves separating problematic heavy metals from target materials. In order to demonstrate fully the breadth and depth of the treatment capabilities of our Solvated Electron Technology (SET™) process to DOE, we decided to construct a smaller treatment system capable of rapid batch processing that we call the RTDT. The system allows us to test many different samples using various 'run recipes' in a short period of time at our Oak Ridge, Tennessee facility." Mr. Jones further stated: "The added benefit of performing the study's Phase I work in our new Tennessee facility is that our potential clients can readily observe the tests in addition to becoming acquainted with all of our commercial production equipment based at this site. Commodore is prepared to go from feasibility study to actual multi-ton per day processing of waste streams of its customers in a relatively short period of time."

CASI Senior Scientist, Dr. Douglas Mather, is researching the use of SET™ technology as a "tunable" metals extraction process for application to the varied legacy wastes managed by the DOE. Using non-radioactive metals as surrogates for radioactive tank contents, soil contaminants, and decommissioning & demolition (D&D) generated wastes, a range of SET™-based chemical processes are being tested.

Dr. Mather stated: "The test matrices contain certain metals as surrogates for the radioactive compounds expected. The metals list is broad enough in scope to demonstrate for the ART program the potential for selective and comprehensive metals extraction within the time and scheduling framework of the project." Dr. Mather further stated: "The Company also plans to demonstrate some mixed waste surrogate samples which will show DOE that SET™ processing will destroy TSCA and RCRA compounds as well. Our plan is to prove we can provide DOE a powerful waste treatment solution, backed by commercially proven SET™ engineering and technology."

The DOE ART Phase I contract awarded to the Company in August 2006 is valued at approximately $283,000. The Company expects to finish all sample matrices testing by March 2007, culminating in a demonstration for interested DOE and other officials at the Oak Ridge, TN facility. Based on the successful results of Phase I testing, the Company is currently competing for a Phase II award under the ART program which is expected to have a value of several million dollars. The mission of the ART is to support the development of technologies that have the potential to reduce cleanup costs and increase the safety and efficiency of treating and disposing of various waste streams, including radioactive wastes at several legacy sites (Hanford, INEL, Savannah River, and others).

Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc., is a diverse technical solutions company focused on high-end environmental markets. The Commodore family of companies includes subsidiaries Commodore Solution Technologies and Commodore Advanced Sciences. The Commodore companies provide environmental services, technical services and patented remediation technologies designed to treat hazardous waste from nuclear and chemical sources. More information is available on the Commodore web site at

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