August 26, 2009 10:00 ET a Bonafide Grassroots Stimulus Plan

BIG INDIAN, NY--(Marketwire - August 26, 2009) - President Obama, take note: Local moms and entrepreneurs Calandra Cruickshank and Dana Valdez have created a grassroots economic plan benefiting families, local merchants and over one million US non-profits, aiming to alleviate some of today's most pressing economic concerns. is a new, free website that taps online coupons to create an innovative and socially responsible "economic stimulus plan" to help people save money while stimulating business' sales and generating sustainable funds for non-profit organizations.

Historically, a stimulus done as a cash payment or tax rebate will only result in about 17% being spent on consumer goods or services, according to NFO WorldGroup, Inc. When incentives are offered in the form of redeemable coupons or discounts, about 57% of consumers are likely to make a purchase.

CommonKindness offers consumers thousands of national and local coupons and brand discounts. Each time a person prints a coupon with, funds are generated from advertising fees paid by the companies posting their coupons. CommonKindness shares 60 percent of its profits with the charities and causes selected by coupon clippers from an online list of over one million non-profits.

"People can save an average of $1,300 annually on groceries and other purchases by clipping coupons with CommonKindness," according to Calandra Cruickshank, president and mother of three. "Our 'coupons with a conscience' allow people to 'give back' to non-profits they are passionate about, from their child's soccer team to a national non-profit, even when they may not have extra money to donate or time to volunteer."

Non-profits can easily create free micro-sites on CommonKindness to connect with their constituents, post information about their organization, track and email their supporters and more. Each time one of their supporters prints a coupon, funds are generated supporting their programs.

People can also use CommonKindness to increase traffic and sales for their business, by posting their own coupons on CommonKindness. Each coupon can be tied to support a non-profit, enabling people to save money, businesses to increase traffic and sales, and non-profits to generate much-needed funding. was founded in 2009 by a board of 'kindness-oriented' executives and philanthropists seeking a socially responsible company to support, including founding chairman Andrew McGovern Martin, who was also founding chairman of several successful businesses and non-profit organizations, including SmartFood, inc. and Annie's Homegrown.

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