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December 18, 2012 09:00 ET

Communication Successes and Failures of 2012 Revealed

Decker Communications, Inc. Names 17th Annual List of Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 18, 2012) - Whether running for a political office, swimming the 100m backstroke, making a pitch or steering a ship of tourists, strong communication skills are essential. Decker Communications, Inc., who trains leaders and business professionals to be effective communicators, announced today its 17th annual Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2012.

"At Decker we are in the business of giving feedback to leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and our annual Top Ten list gives us the opportunity to share communication feedback with everyone else. This year's Top Ten teaches valuable lessons about how to separate success from failure," said Ben Decker, president of Decker Communications.

Punctuated by the summer Olympics and the election, 2012 featured many messages to rally support. Another key theme of the year was technology, with respect to both industry leadership and the various platforms used for communication.

"From speeches and interviews, to conversational social media posts, we have the opportunity to leverage communication to our advantage every single minute of every day. It comes down to our ability to consistently demonstrate rock-solid communication basics," said Kelly Decker, executive vice president of Decker Communications.

The Highlights:
The best communicators of 2012 mastered the art of connecting with their audience. Their behaviors exude passion and energy, and they deliver a consistent and credible message.

The Top 10 Best Communicators of 2012:
Michelle Obama
2. Marco Rubio
3. Missy Franklin
4. Ryan Seacrest
5. Cory Booker
6. Sheryl Sandberg
7. Bill Clinton
8. Steven Colbert and John Stewart
9. Jack Dorsey
10. Marissa Mayer

First Lady Michelle Obama captures audiences by being articulate, down to earth, informal and humble. At the Democratic National Convention, for example, the first lady opened her speech with personal stories like this one, which hooked viewers immediately -- exposing vulnerability while relating to her audience. Clear and composed, she exhibits ultimate command of presence and message, using every communications opportunity to help convey her broader message.

The Lowlights:
The Top 10 Worst nailed the key communication don'ts: veering away from problems instead of dealing with them head-on, showing arrogance, lacking humility, and failing to deliver when key opportunities arise.

The Top 10 Worst Communicators of 2012:
Francesco Schettino
2. Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock
3. Bashar Al-Assad
4. John McAfee
5. Hope Solo
6. Joe Biden
7. Mark Pincus
8. Ryan Lochte
9. David Axelrod
10. Scott Forstall

In the midst of catastrophe, Captain Francesco Schettino of the grounded Costa Concordia stepped back, and went silent. When he finally spoke, his communication behaviors were as bad as his actions. The ship's black box tapes revealed that Schettino did not communicate as either listener or speaker.

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