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June 17, 2015 06:00 ET

Communispond's Momentum Selling for® Users Training Program Touts Real World Training

ROCHESTER, NY and EAST HAMPTON, NY--(Marketwired - June 17, 2015) - Defense contractor L-3 DPA, which provides training simulators, notes on its website, "Training simulators let your trainees experience real-world environments and scenarios in total safety -- especially the extreme situations you just can't duplicate in the real world." It's a succinct statement of the benefits of training simulations. If you're training somebody to drive a tank, it makes sense to use a simulator before you put them in front of the controls of a multimillion-dollar vehicle.

But what about if you’re not training people to operate expensive or dangerous machinery? What about if you want to train, say experienced sales professionals to work more productively with your sales cycle? In that case, I suggest you would be wasting time and resources to create “real-world environments” or “extreme situations.”

Training by simulation is inappropriate for some kinds of experienced employees. What is the biggest single complaint competent employees have about training? It takes them away from work time. Create a set of fictitious files for sales professionals to work with in their training sessions, and you are inviting them to see the training as irrelevant. That means the training is much less likely to “take,” and participating in it can undermine employee morale.

The truth is, for many kinds of work, safety doesn’t enter into the equation, and a real-world environment is never preferable to reality itself. This is exactly why we designed Momentum Selling for® Users, our newest program, to use the trainees’ own work. Trainees work on your organization’s instance of®, using their own leads and working from their own files. They make actual sales calls, and they grow and populate your company’s customer database. This is one class that is never seen as downtime. Participants finish the program with something to show for the time they have invested: accounts taken to the next step of the sales cycle, new accounts and referrals, and even booked sales!

Momentum Selling is based on your company’s sales cycle, including your process for building and driving sales. Trainees uncover and generate information and they record it in®. Along the way, they learn (or increase their fluency with) essential selling skills, many of which are derived from our world class Socratic Selling Skills® program. Salespeople learn the key skills of selling while using your own organization’s® instance and all it entails. There are no made-up cases, no phony customers, no invented situations. Trainees make decisions and sales calls using your organization’s data files, and they never once hear an instructor say, “Your screen won’t look exactly like this one.” Their selling skills and their expertise as® build on each other.

Participants identify leads for their business, make contact with those leads, and develop value propositions for their current customers. Learners use their own data from® right from the start. They research Leads, plan calls to Contacts, manage Accounts, and create Opportunities, all while making use of® to help them manage their work and increase the power of their planning. If you want to know more about how the program works, visit the Momentum Selling website,

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