Community CarShare Club

February 21, 2007 08:00 ET

Community Club Starts Car Co-Own Service in Toronto to Help Climate

Fosters Community relationships to help residents form carpools, switch to fuel efficient cars

Attention: City Editor, Environment Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Transportation Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRESS RELEASE--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 21, 2007) - A new car share service gives Toronto residents a chance to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by making it easier to switch to fuel-efficient cars.

The service, named Community CarShare Club (CCC), enables a member to co-own a fuel-efficient car. Explains the club's Climate Change & Marketing Advisor, Tegi Obanda: "A hybrid or electric car is still more expensive than the traditional car. This service enables anybody- even with minimum wage- to easily access a new environmentally friendly car. Five people can pay $4,000 each to co-share a $20,000 car. They can prepay in installments for up to 10 months, or the club can arrange financing for them."

To find suitable collaborators, users can upload their travel needs free at the club website, which is already accepting members. "They can then start carpooling to work, or may opt for group lease." explains Obanda.

The service goes further by encouraging members to become "Community Climate Change Ambassadors", who invite others to go "green". The leading "Ambassadors" get Green Miles and monthly appreciation rewards like vacation trips, free rides, gift certificates, and tickets to movies, plays, concerts and sports events.

According to Obanda, the club, which will be officially launched on March 20th to coincide with the International Earth Day, offers solutions to the major problem of climate change. "Records show last month was by far the hottest January ever. Canada on average was more than 5 degrees warmer than normal. Climate Change makes the 21st century the most challenging century in human history. The current five year old kids face a bleak future, and are depending on us to change our habits today, not tomorrow," says Obanda.

The club is convinced "green" vehicles can help to significantly reduce climate change emissions. "The future of sustainable transportation is at the point where car sharing and green vehicle technology meet," says Obanda. "An average car, driven for 100Kms in the city, consumes 10 liters of gas, which costs $8 and releases 23Kgs of carbon dioxide. In a hybrid vehicle, the gas consumed would be 3.3 liters costing around $2.50. If four people share the car, the cost is a mere 65cts per person, and the total greenhouse gas emitted is 7.5Kgs compared to 92Kgs if each of them drove their own car. This proves that people's lifestyles are actually enhanced (not diminished) by adopting new green habits," says Obanda.

According to Environment Canada, a vehicle that is 25% more fuel efficient reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves $360 on an average annual gasoline bill of $1440. The Union of Concerned Scientists says that by 2020, improvements in vehicle efficiency would deliver four times the amount of oil that is economically recoverable from the Arctic. Hybrid vehicles can reduce oil used by transportation 20-50% with today's technology. Diesel vehicles are 10-20% more efficient than conventional gasoline vehicles. Electric vehicles can be 100% more efficient than conventional vehicles.

Emission trends show that Transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, accounting for 26 per cent of the total. Compounding the problem is the fact that between 1990-2004, there was increased personal use of SUVs, vans, and pickups, which emit 40 percent more greenhouse gases than small cars. If these trends continue, according to Environment Canada, emissions from transportation are expected to exceed 1990 levels by 32 per cent in 2010 and 53 per cent by 2020.

The club is designed on the philosophy that the root to changing our relationship with nature is through changing our relationship with each other. Explains Obanda: "Sustainable communities are sophisticated communities, where children can bike or walk to school, neighbors carpool to work, and people co-own vehicles. These changes have intrinsic benefits that enrich our lives at multiple levels."

Community CarShare Club ( seeks to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by vehicles. This is done by facilitating the switch to green environmental friendly vehicles, while enhancing people's lifestyles through cheaper, worry-free car-sharing services.

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