Comora Beauty Products

February 15, 2011 17:33 ET

Comora Products Successfully Enters the Coupon Market With Its Wonder Facial Bar

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 15, 2011) - Comora Products Inc. recently entered into a coupon marketing program and the results exceeded all expectations. The website was flooded with clicks and the company contacted by a host of interested customers leading to significant sales. The following write up was presented to the public:

"Ever notice that the people who play in the mud always look the most youthful? Okay, so most of them are under five, but the point still stands. Today's offer lets you get back to those early, earthy beauty basics with the Comora Miracle Bar, a $35 value for only $17.

The Comora Miracle Bar deals with skin health and not just skin care. The formulation allows active ingredients to reach the lower levels of the skin in order to rid the skin of contaminants and environmental toxins. This single product replaces a variety of cosmetic products, making it a cost-effective approach to healthy skin.

The bar contains a proprietary extract of both European sourced algae and clay (HeilMoor Clay of Teifen Moor from Austria) to create a product that detoxifies, moisturizes and firms. The pH is controlled at 5.6 to maintain the natural acidity of the skin; most soap has a ph range between 9 and 11, causing a drying effect.

The effects of the bar are wide-ranging and thorough. It shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles, controls oiliness, restores elasticity, minimises acne (the bar works where modern chemical treatments have often failed), forms and tones skin, fades pigmentation, reduces blemishes, improves age-related issues, moisturizes and reduces cellulite.

Comora has increased the amount of lather the bar produces, making it an excellent shaving alternative for both men and women. The addition of tea tree oil helps sooth razor burn and shaving rash."

Comora will now enter into a cross Canada promotion leading to a further program focussed into the USA.

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