SOURCE: Compadre Records

November 09, 2007 18:42 ET

Compadre Records Goes Green With Farm2Ranch Green Initiative

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - November 9, 2007) - Houston-based Compadre Records, the Country imprint of Music World Entertainment, is going green with their Farm2Ranch Earth-friendly CD packaging. Compadre President and Founder Brad Turcotte adds, "We recognize that the entertainment industry can be environmentally unfriendly. We must be more environmentally sensitive to our fans. As a majority Country music fans are men and women that are farmers and ranchers and consumers that enjoy fishing and hunting. Compadre will do our part to help preserve the beauty of the community and take a stand to act upon our beliefs."

Compadre's green initiatives that are currently underway include switching jewel cases to eco-friendly digi-paks containing recycled board and Paperfoam trays that are paper-recyclable and biodegradable. Liner notes, photos and credits will be available to consumers on Compadre's website. The first project to be released in this Farm2Ranch friendly packaging is Trent Willmon's Feb 26, 2008 release, "Broken In." Turcotte notes, "It's a natural fit to launch our Farm2Ranch friendly CD green initiative around Trent. He was raised on a ranch in small town Texas and grew up without a television, appreciating life without an over-abundance of energy use." Compadre will transition their catalog to the new packaging as existing stock needs replenishment.

Within the Compadre offices, they will switch to using recycled, 100% post consumer paper products for stationery, and will experiment by servicing albums to media using reusable USB storage drives and via download. Their office practices will include increased use of e-mail and PDF distribution to eliminate use of paper products, recycling used toner cartridges, creating a company-wide recycling program, replacing office lighting with energy saving bulbs, and exploring tele-commuting opportunities to cut down on driving. Earlier this year, Compadre began using BaseCamp for internal communications, further reducing use of paper memos. For our touring artists, we will be encouraging that contract riders insist on no Styrofoam cups or plates and asking promoters to recycle and compost.

Visit the Compadre website at for tips on how musicians can keep the Farm2Ranch green initiative alive on November 13.

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