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September 10, 2009 14:44 ET

Companies to Save up to $68K a Year With Diskeeper Corporation Virtual Platform Disk Optimizer

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2009) - Diskeeper Corporation has released its new white paper showing how V-locity™ virtual platform disk optimizer helps companies save up to $68,000 a year by boosting virtualized environments' performance.

The study was performed by Mr. Bernard Marx at Topix Technologies SAS and sponsored by PSS -- Performance System Software -- main provider of IT-infrastructure solutions and systems based in Geneva, Switzerland. The white paper presents best practices to get optimum disk I/O performance from virtual machine platforms.

Disk fragmentation directly affects system performance due to the fact that files in a fragmented state take longer read. The head of the disk needs to collect all the fragments of the file in order to open it. In virtual systems this situation is even more severe. Fragmentation occurs within each virtual disk (guest level) as well as on the virtual platform (host level), which has the role to allocate physical resources (CPU, Memory, etc) statically or dynamically across the virtual machines/guest operating systems. This mix of virtualization and fragmentation equates to hierarchical fragmentation or more simply fragmentation-within-fragmentation.

The test environment included two Microsoft Hyper-V platforms where Diskeeper Corporation's latest virtual platform disk optimizer, V-locity, was installed.

The test's results showed a decrease of up to 80% on files writes and up to 32% on reading speed. Also an average decrease of 10% on backup speed was observed.

An approximate annual savings of $68,000 has been calculated over the combination of:

--  Time saved due to increased performance
--  Lowered number of help desk calls
--  Increased lifespan of disk hardware

The complete white paper is available at: For more information on V-locity visit or contact us at 800-829-6468.

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