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Companies Still Haven't Learnt the Lessons About Data Security, Says Databarracks

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In the last few years, the news has been filled with stories of companies losing data and Databarracks' latest data security survey shows that a large proportion of businesses still haven't learnt valuable lessons about data security.

Since 2005 there have been some 1034 reported incidents involving the loss of data; affecting a staggering 280 million people. The seemingly endless high profile reports of data loss included H.M. Revenue and Customs, HSBC, the MOD, amongst many others. In 2008 alone there were an unprecedented amount of backup tapes which were stolen or lost in transit; GE Money, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bank of New York were amongst those companies who lost data from backup tapes.

Databarracks' backup and data security survey assesses the data security, backup and IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans of over 1,000 businesses each year. The latest survey report, released in April 2009, paints a picture of businesses being careless with valuable and confidential data which is being removed from businesses premises.

Of the 1,000+ companies which were surveyed, 50% still admitted to not encrypting the data backed up from their systems. Worryingly, 36% of companies also admitted that, although their backups are taken offsite, this is done by a member of staff who takes them home. In 2007 a report from Ohio said that a 22 year old had a tape stolen from his car containing the personal details of some 800,000 Ohio taxpayers and state employees. The information contained social security numbers and personal information.

Peter Groucutt, Managing Director of Databarracks said "In the past few years, we have been seeing more and more examples of data going missing whilst in transit. When we analysed the results of the latest backup survey, we expected to see the number of backups that were written to tapes and then transported in an un-encrypted format to have plummeted; instead it appears as if companies are still not learning the lessons of past failures."

The backup survey, also highlighted how companies still find the protection of data from laptops a real problem, with 22% of respondents saying they find that laptop computers present a challenge to protect. Also according to the survey, most of the data that companies lost last year involved a human factor with 26% of data made irretrievable because of human accidents, while 7% was caused by malicious interference (either theft or deliberate deletion).

While 20% of companies had taken up some kind of automated offsite service, either managed or un-managed, the survey highlighted the amount of companies who were still worried about their levels of compliance with data protection laws, with 41% of those surveyed admitting to be either not compliant or worried that they were not compliant with forceful regulations.

"With 40% of the companies saying that they protect over 1TB of data and 12% protecting over 100TB it is clear that the issues surrounding data protection and data loss are not going to diminish any time soon and in fact, unless companies take their heads out of the sand, the old adage of 'if not when' will make many more victims in the future." said Databarracks.

About The Survey

The Data Health Check Survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey in the industry focused purely on backup and recovery technologies and practices. Participants are invited to submit their answers online over the course of the year with partial and final results published in the second and last quarter of each year.

In coming years, the survey will be measured against previous results to reveal the trends within data security and storage technologies and solutions used by UK businesses.

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