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May 11, 2011 09:00 ET

Company Nurse Expands in Texas

Injury Hotline Aimed at Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs for Texas-Based Employers, Particularly Budget-Constrained Schools and Public Entities

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - May 11, 2011) - In striving to help Texas employers control workers' compensation costs, Company Nurse, the premier nurse hotline for workplace injuries, has expanded its presence in Texas, adding account management staff to serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and surrounding areas.

Lori Palmer, territory manager for the Dallas / Fort Worth areas, commented on the key benefits of Company Nurse, "During today's tough economic times, public and commercial entities need financial relief. I was excited to join Company Nurse because this nurse line has significantly reduced workers' compensation costs and streamlined the claims administration process, especially for public entities and schools. I look forward to bringing these benefits to Texas organizations."

Houston territory manager, Chris Liebum added, "Based in Texas, we see firsthand how shortfalls in state budgets are impacting schools and educational programs. Schools are scrambling to reduce costs across the board, and Company Nurse provides an innovative program and compassionate triage nurses -- all of which delivers proven savings to schools."

Nationwide, Company Nurse helps over 1,000 school districts reduce their workers' compensation costs. The nurse line offers significant claims and medical cost savings, as well as operational efficiencies, which enable more funding to be available to maintain school and public entity staff, facilities and other programs.

Paul Binsfeld, president and CEO of Company Nurse, commented on making a valuable impact, "During a time when educational budgets are tightening, workers' compensation costs are increasing and can negatively impact a school's bottom line. Since our Injury Hotline channels injured employees to an appropriate level of care, schools, public entities, and other employers have decreased workers' compensation costs by as much as 10 to 30 percent. For schools in particular, these savings can then be applied to their true mission -- student education."

Company Nurse initiates prompt, appropriate care on the day of injury. Here's how the triage process works: When a workplace injury occurs, employees and supervisors call Company Nurse to report the injury and to speak with a triage nurse. Unlike nurse case managers, triage nurses get involved at the front end of the claims process -- the earliest, most critical point at which to influence medical care, claims costs, return-to-work outcomes, and employee satisfaction. Triage nurses use sophisticated algorithms to help identify the right level of care -- whether it's simple first aid, an occupational clinic, or emergency care.

"Many California schools use Company Nurse's 24-hour nurse hotline in their workers' compensation programs," said Dr. Karla Rhay, chief administrative officer of Southern California Schools Risk Management. "When I first researched the nurse line, I was impressed by the compassionate response injured employees received, and the significant cost savings achieved, which is why we enrolled in the program. Since implementing Company Nurse, we've leveraged triage nurses and first aid to help us decrease our claims volume by 30 percent and reduce overall workers' compensation program costs by 20 percent."

Texas employers interested in leveraging this same level of savings and results with Company Nurse can contact Lori Palmer ( in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, or Chris Liebum ( in Houston and the surrounding areas.

About Company Nurse
The Company Nurse Injury Hotline enables organizations to make the "Right Call" for workplace injuries. As an independent facility, our triage nurses are compassionate and objective when assessing employee injuries and medical needs. Our injury-triage process is founded on three important elements for workers' compensation success: 1) Right Time - we respond on the Day of Injury, the earliest point at which to influence costs, outcomes, and employee satisfaction; 2) Right Care - our nurses refer employees to an appropriate level of care, whether first aide, clinic or ER; 3) Right Results - clients reap optimal savings and a return on investment, while employees benefit from a prompt, compassionate response to their workplace injuries. For more information, go to or call (888) 817-9282.

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