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December 13, 2011 11:00 ET

Company Nurse Utilizes Unique Approach in Workers' Compensation Injury Triage

Emphasis on Compassion, Quality Service, and Delivering the Right Results

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - In an effort to provide a compassionate, prompt response to injured employees and to improve overall workers' compensation program results, Company Nurse, the premier nurse line for workplace injuries, has defined and deployed a unique approach to ensuring optimal performance within its telephone nurse triage service.

Frank Pipitone, chief operating officer at Company Nurse, who has led the charge in refining in-house Injury Hotline operations, commented on the need for proprietary industry standards: "Our Injury Hotline is very different from a traditional customer service call center. We aim to deliver value and injury triage expertise on each and every call. Our triage nurses and hotline representatives interact with injured workers, who may be experiencing pain or anxiety over their injuries. Oftentimes, they're not familiar with the workers' compensation system, and it's the role of our nurses to listen carefully to employees to assess the severity of their injuries, channel them to an appropriate level of care, and help them navigate the workers' comp claims process."

When injured employees call the Company Nurse hotline, they're directly and personally impacted; Pipitone adds: "If those same people were to call a credit card company or technical support line, those issues affect only one component of their lives, but when they're injured on the job, it can have a dramatic impact on employees, physically and emotionally. One of the things our triage nurses understand is that they can obtain more information by listening than talking. That's a huge philosophical departure from traditional call center operations."

Traditional call center metrics -- such as number of calls per hour and number of minutes per call -- place an emphasis on efficiency and volume. "As we continually innovate and refine our 24-hour nurse hotline response, we emphasize empathy, quality communication, and ultimately getting the right results for injured workers. Our clients appreciate this approach," said Pipitone.

As a result, a key differentiator in Company Nurse's Injury Hotline operations occurs within the hiring process. "We recruit telephone nurses and representatives who are innately compassionate," said Pipitone. "There's no definitive litmus test to measure compassion, but we've developed a thorough checklist to evaluate candidates; it helps to assess their level of sincerity and communication skills, among other vital traits to effective telephonic triage."

Company Nurse also partners closely with clients to improve service, support and satisfaction. "Integrating client feedback is a critical component to our innovative strategy," said Pipitone. "As a lean six sigma trainer, I strive to utilize six sigma tools to continually improve our Injury Hotline operations. We utilize cross-functional teams to brainstorm and develop solutions, and we continually communicate to clients how we're utilizing new methods to monitor and improve overall nurse line performance and results."

For example, Company Nurse monitors and helps clients to minimize the "lag time" between the date of injury and report of injury. It keeps a watchful eye on first aid versus ER utilization to ensure clients are leveraging the most appropriate, cost-effective level of care, and the Company Nurse hotline helps clients to achieve a high rate of penetration into preferred provider networks.

About Company Nurse
The Company Nurse Injury Hotline enables organizations to make the "Right Call" for workplace injuries. As an independent facility, Company Nurse trains its triage nurses to be compassionate and objective when assessing employee injuries and medical needs. Our injury-triage process is founded on three important elements for workers' compensation success: 1) Right Time -- we respond on the Day of Injury, the earliest point at which to influence costs, outcomes, and employee satisfaction; 2) Right Care -- our nurses refer employees to an appropriate level of care, whether first aid, clinic or ER; 3) Right Results -- clients reap optimal savings and a return on investment, while employees benefit from a prompt, appropriate response to their workplace injuries. For more information, go to or call (888) 817-9282.

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