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February 28, 2011 16:29 ET

Compete Media Planner Pinpoints Online Audiences

Innovative Brand- and Behavior-Driven Segments Help Media Buyers and Sellers Bring More Media Dollars Online

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) - Compete, a Kantar Media company, today announced Compete Media Planner™, the most comprehensive online measurement tool for brands that offers an unprecedented view of their online media and behavioral classifications. Based on ten years of working directly with advertisers across all major industries, the Compete Media Planner allows innovative brands to map out thousands of sites where audience segments spend the majority of their time. Advertisers and agencies can use this to identify and reach more than four thousand high-value segments with unmatched precision. Publishers and ad networks, on the other hand, can use this information to attract potential advertisers by demonstrating how effective they are at reaching those segments.

"In the non-stop quest to reach niche audiences, agencies and advertisers are always searching for the most precise and innovative targeting tactics to improve performance," said Lee Sparaga, SVP of North American Sales at 24/7 Real Media. "Many of the current toolsets lack the ability to meet the demand for reaching these finer segments. Any platform that can expand segmentation, while providing deeper insights on the audience, will help eliminate waste and increase the efficiencies for both advertisers and their agencies."

Compete Media Planner delivers insights based on actual behavior of more than two million consumers. Unlike other media planning tools, it doesn't rely on surveys from a few thousand respondents which only permit views of broad segments and show data on the largest properties. Compete's segmentation provides new opportunities for planners to target segments such as the "Ford shopper activity" segment shown in Figure 1. Compete Media Planner also dramatically expands the number of websites available to media planners by being able to cover websites with traffic under 100,000 unique visitors. This combination of segmentation and reach provides media planners and sellers with an unmatched capability to meet advertisers' needs for large scale campaigns that are targeted at precisely the right audiences.

Compete Media Planner offers the following features and benefits to agencies, advertisers, publishers and networks:

  • Access to Compete Segments - an audience segmentation repository comprising four thousand attributes and offering levels of granularity ranging from "online gamer" to "Ford F150 brochure downloader."
  • Media planning capabilities that deliver campaign-tailored segments with user-defined combinations of behaviors, interests, online habits and demographics.
  • Dynamically defined segments providing access to consumers who exhibit transitory and funnel-specific behaviors, such as "just researching" or "comparison shopping."
  • Coverage of long tail websites - extending deeply into the torso and long tail of internet properties.
  • Real-time estimates of potential cumulative and duplicated audience across user-chosen sites as media selections are made.
  • Custom views, including specific publishers and networks.

"When you're launching an important new campaign, survey-based solutions can take you so far, however CMP can take you to the next level," said Stephen DiMarco, Compete Chief Marketing Officer. "What you want is complete confidence that the sites in your plan will reach precisely those consumers you want to reach, and within the guidelines of your budget. Compete Media Planner delivers that confidence."

Compete Media Planner is a high-performance SaaS solution that analyzes thousands of segments and properties in seconds to identify the best media planning opportunities. The easy and intuitive interface includes sorting and filtering tools that deliver scored lists that ensure every media dollar is spent optimally and that every media property is accurately valued. Compete Media Planner is a significant addition to Compete's expanding suite of media solutions that address the complete advertising lifecycle, from planning and in-campaign measurement to ad effectiveness and marketing optimization.

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