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September 16, 2010 16:00 ET

ComplyData Unveils Two New Cloud Computing Solutions

Next-Generation Solutions Provide More Choices and Flexibility to Empower Companies

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - September 16, 2010) -  ComplyData, a software development company providing software as a service (SaaS) solutions, today announced two new products -- iComply™ Enterprise and iComply™ Select. Both products utilize the company's flagship ComplyData Intelligent Platform (CDIP™) engine to deliver a flexible, user-defined solution that can be custom tailored or purchased off-the-shelf.

Understanding the ever-growing and ever-changing complexities in today's business environment, iComply™ Enterprise and iComply™ Select were specifically developed to overcome these challenges and provide companies with more choices to enable their business ecosystem to better communicate, collaborate, and comply. And, because both products are open and collaborative, they can easily interact and integrate with existing software applications and systems to extract more value, increase efficiencies, improve communications, and promote mutual compliance.

ComplyData Intelligent Platform™
The ComplyData Intelligent Platform (CDIP™) is the communications platform and main control center. It delivers a user-defined interface that allows simplified integration with other software applications and systems. The CDIP™ is designed to provide easy access to enterprise-wide data for real-time information, online reporting, and analysis.

Standard CDIP™ features include:

  • SmartAlerts™: allows the set up of custom alerts that notify when an individual has deficiencies, expiring or expired evaluation/training, and when an accident or incident has occurred.
  • Push Reporting: generates customized individual or group reports in real-time or on a pre-scheduled date and can be downloaded in multiple formats, such as PDF or Excel that can be emailed.
  • Add-A-Pane™: enables personalization of the user's landing page by easily adding or removing websites, RSS feeds, databases, and email systems that are visited daily.
  • SmartSearch™: allows the user to easily search across everything in the iComply™ network, i.e., companies, employees, contractors, locations, etc. The information is all secured by user privileges and predictive results will display and guide the user.
  • Messaging: enables the user to send messages and interact with other users within the iComply™ network and generates 100% guaranteed delivery and receipt of messages.

iComply™ Enterprise
iComply™ Enterprise is a custom tailored solution that fits a company's specific business requirements and processes. With iComply™ Enterprise you have the power to manage access rights and workflow, while offering free access to each and every person who participates in your controlled business ecosystem. iComply™ Enterprise is offered as an annual subscription, with long-term contracts available.

The iComply™ Enterprise Advantage:

  • Lowers total cost of ownership and increases the return on investment
  • Streamlines business processes and optimizes resources
  • Reduces the time and money spent on managing and reimbursing external software fees
  • Drives business automation and increases productivity and efficiencies
  • Fosters a collaborative environment
  • Provides robust reporting and auditing capabilities to enable mutual compliance

iComply™ Select
iComply™ Select is a feature-rich, ready-built, and user-defined solution that allows companies to get started quickly, pay for only what they need, and manage their own user experience. iComply™ Select provides companies the freedom to pick and choose from various off-the-shelf applications at a low monthly fee, with no obligations or long-term contracts. 

iComply™ Select applications include:

  • Employee Management Applications -- Operator Qualification management and reporting (Live OQ™) and Staff Sourcing solutions.
  • Operations Management Applications -- Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S)solutions, Drug and Alcohol management, Learning Resource Management (LMS) solutions, and Resource Library storage management.

With more than 80 years in software development, ComplyData is powered by innovation and co-creation. With all the challenges companies face today due to constraints in the flow and exchange of information, increases in customer demands and government regulations, and the reliance on business process outsourcing, ComplyData provides companies with an open network software that enables business ecosystems to better communicate, collaborate, and comply. Their team of professionals are committed to developing better, faster, and more affordable cloud-based software solutions designed for both companies and the individual worker.

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