SOURCE: Compound Stock Earnings

August 22, 2012 06:00 ET

Compound Stock Earnings: Covered Calls Are Great for Novice Investors

More and More First-Time Investors Are Learning the Ropes of the Stock Market by Writing Covered Calls -- a Technique Emphasized by Companies Like Compound Stock Earning

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Aug 22, 2012) - Learning the ropes of stock market investment is never easy, even for those who are financially inclined. For first-time investors, the stock market can seem daunting, and the possibility of failure can seem all too real. There are certain investment techniques that are generally regarded as being particularly advantageous for novices, however; according to a recent Fox Business article, two particularly beginner-friendly methods are the covered call and the buying of options. These Fox recommendations have won the attention of Compound Stock Earnings, a financial education company that emphasizes the covered call technique; Compound Stock Earnings has responded to the Fox Business article with a new statement to the press.

According to Fox, both the covered call and, to a lesser extent, buying options, are beginner-friendly methods because they help "to give the newcomer an opportunity to learn how options work by watching a live position." The Fox article also notes that, as far as investment strategies go, the process of writing a covered call is "[easy] to understand."

This recommendation of covered call writing has merited a comment from Compound Stock Earnings, a company that specializes in providing financial strategies and techniques to investors, particularly relatively new investors. The company has issued a statement affirming much of what Fox says about the covered call technique, and also highlighting its own covered call seminars and conferences, scheduled to take place both on and offline for the duration of the summer and into the autumn.

Compound Stock Earnings provides beginner-friendly investment guidance that emphasizes the covered call technique. According to the company, covered calls are ideal for investors because they are not only easy to learn, but are also relatively low in risk.

Covered calls are recommended for investors who simply want to create a steady, consistent revenue steam as part of their portfolio. According to Compound Stock Earnings, the covered call method can yield steady returns even as its level of risk is comparatively low. In fact, the company says that, when practiced correctly, the covered call method can yield a stable monthly income of as much as 6 percent.

Compound Stock Earnings offers its covered call training via seminars and webinars alike. There are currently events scheduled for the duration of August all the way through the middle of December. Some events are offered online, while others are held in person, in major cities such as Dallas and Atlanta. A full schedule, and registration information, can be found at the company's website,

Compound Stock Earnings is a highly regarded financial education company. Through this organization, clients can access resources, seminars, and additional services to assist them in learning to utilize the covered call investment technique. Often misunderstood, the covered call technique, as taught by Compound Stock Earnings, assists clients in achieving success through investment practices. In fact, some have reported a return of as much as 6 percent after following the proper investment procedure. Compound Stock Earnings was founded by Joseph Hooper, a former banker, and can be found online at