SOURCE: Compound Stock Earnings

October 08, 2012 06:00 ET

Compound Stock Earnings Makes Financial Literacy a Top Priority

A Company Called Stage of Life Has Shared a List of Ten Tips for Basic Financial Literacy -- and Compound Stock Earnings Has Responded

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) - Basic financial literacy is paramount, regardless of the stage of life one is in. In fact, a company called Stage of Life has recently undertaken a new financial literacy initiative, offering ten basic financial literacy tips to individuals across the country. These tips are designed to provide a baseline for prudent financial decisions, and are as relevant to college students as they are to retirees. The company's ten tips have won the attention of another company that is devoted to financial literacy and ongoing investment education -- Compound Stock Earnings. Compound Stock Earnings, in turn, has released a press statement affirming the Stage of Life list.

Stage of Life's list does not provide investment specifics, but does offer individuals some foundational tips for ensuring financial wisdom and sound decision-making. The list begins with an exhortation to set both long-term and short-term goals. Individuals are advised to create a spreadsheet in order to properly detail and document these goals.

The Stage of Life list also encourages individuals to make budgets, and to stick to them; to build credit by using credit cards but paying them off at the end of every month; to make education a financial priority, and more.

Compound Stock Earnings has issued a press statement in response to the Stage of Life list, offering its affirmation but also proposing that individuals learn more about some basic tenets of stock market investing. According to Compound Stock Earnings, individuals can further develop their own financial literacy by learning more about such tried-and-true techniques as the covered call.

Compound Stock Earnings is a company devoted to teaching novice and veteran investors alike about the merits of the covered call technique. The company provides information and advice on the covered call technique via online resources and webinars, as well as seminars and events held around the country. Currently, seminars are scheduled throughout the month of October and even lead into next January.

The covered call technique is little-known among beginning investors, but, according to Compound Stock Earnings, covered calls offer an ideal balance of consistent yields with relatively low levels of risk. In fact, the company says that an investor using the covered call technique can earn as much as a six percent return, each and every month. For investors simply looking to generate some regular income, the covered call technique is a strong possibility.

Compound Stock Earnings is currently offering enrollment for its webinars and seminars, from now through the end of January. Full registration details are available on the company's website.


Compound Stock Earnings is a highly regarded financial education company. Through this organization, clients can access resources, seminars, and additional services to assist in learning to utilize the covered call investment technique. Often misunderstood, the covered call technique, as taught by Compound Stock Earnings, assists clients in achieving success through investment practices. In fact, some have reported a return of as much as six percent after following the proper investment procedure. Compound Stock Earnings was founded by Joseph Hooper, a former banker, and can be found online at