SOURCE: SensoSolutions

June 23, 2008 17:09 ET

Computerized Golf Glove Teaches the Perfect Grip for a Consistently Accurate and Powerful Swing

SensoGlove Launches in the U.S.

LONG BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - SensoSolutions, of Aachen, Germany, today announces the launch of its SensoGlove, the first golf glove on the market with a built-in computer that continuously reads the user's grip pressure. Pioneered by German engineers, this patented glove helps golfers improve every part of their game, from driving to chipping.

The SensoGlove's computer is a small, lightweight, sweat-proof monitor that analyzes pressure settings from four tiny, strategically placed sensors sewn right into the glove. The user dials their pressure and swings with any club to receive audio and visual feedback about the exact grip pressure on the club, warning the user if they exceed their target level. The SensoGlove also shows which fingers are gripping too tight, so the user can adjust their grip accordingly.

"Every golfer wants to hit the ball far and the natural instinct is to swing harder and faster. The result is a less than smooth swing and, even worse, tightened muscles. But tight muscles are slow muscles," said David Bauer, president of SensoSolutions. "SensoGlove provides a solution to this universal problem by providing real-time feedback of the correct grip pressure at every point of the swing, from address through take-away, backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through."

This remarkably simple product trains the golfer to master one of the most ambiguous-yet-critical skills of the sport and one a live instructor cannot always teach -- grip. Grip pressure -- a skill that has always been emphasized by many golf instructors -- is measured 80 times per second by the small and highly responsive sensors placed throughout the glove.

It's recommended that the user take the SensoGlove to the driving range to test various pressure settings until they find one that gives the perfect swing. The settings can be stored in memory and the SensoGlove will constantly monitor the grip pressure throughout the swing, allowing the golfer to put just the right amount of pressure for a natural, effortless swing.

The SensoGlove is made of the highest quality cabretta leather and the built-in computer can be removed and used as a regular golf glove. When the glove has become worn out or the user needs a different size, replacement gloves are also available. The SensoGlove is available for both men and women in sizes small to X-large and retails for $119.00. Replacement gloves are available for $26.67. For more information or to purchase the SensoGlove, please visit

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