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August 11, 2009 07:45 ET

ComSifter Network Internet Filter Product Family -- Delivers Advanced Features Starting at $698

CIPA-Compliant Internet Filter Appliance Provides Schools, Libraries, and Small Businesses With Increased Performance and Advanced Capabilities

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - The new ComSifter® product family provides advanced Internet filtering more cost-effectively than any competitive product. The easy-to-use hardware-and-firmware product family, which Comsift, Inc. introduced today, stops inappropriate web content such as adult material and violence using configurable filters.

"We are proud to announce the new ComSifter family of products that are targeted at libraries, schools, and businesses that must provide diverse levels of Internet filtering for a broad range of users," explained Chuck Roedel, CEO of Comsift. "Providing increased performance, lower power consumption, and advanced features at a much lower cost than competing software-only filters gives these organizations a significant budget advantage."

Advanced Internet Filtering Capabilities

The new ComSifter CS-1, CS-8, and CS-8 Pro expand the capabilities for each market segment based on the success of providing ComSifters for the past 5+ years. Organizations that use a single Internet filtering criterion for all users now enjoy the expanded capabilities of the CS-1 to have full configuration for all filtering categories. Organizations that have differing Internet filter requirements for different categories of users (e.g., teachers, high school students and elementary school students) can use CS-8 to provide eight configurable Internet filters using the ComSifter blacklist and the highly accurate Csphrase™ Filter. The new CS-8 may be integrated with MS Active Directory to automatically read an existing database of hundreds of user names in seconds, eliminating database set-up time and preventing duplicate usernames. The new CS-8 Pro provides increased throughput and all the features of the CS-8 plus an industrial strength rules-based firewall that lets the manager determine what can and cannot come into or out of the network.

ComSifters now have 11 Internet filter groups that can be configured to block pornography, gambling, hate sites, games, and other inappropriate content. Twelve categories of words and phrases can be configured to block specific content on web pages. Each Internet filter can also block extensions and MIME types.

For ease of administration, now all ComSifters provide a complete suite of management tools including security-log file, user-access log files, and extensive diagnostics.

"The ComSifter has allowed our school to assign different Internet filter profiles to our staff, teachers and students," said Steve Goodwin, technical administrator of Holy Spirit School in San Jose, CA. "The flexibility has more than met our Internet filtering needs at a price that meets our budget."

Lower Cost of Ownership

ComSifter pricing is $698 for CS-1, $898 for CS-8, and $998 for CS-8 Pro. An unlimited license is standard, eliminating licensing costs that depend on the number of users.

A single ComSifter can protect an entire network of several hundred computers. The device provides Internet filtering for any type of computer (e.g., Windows, Apple, Linux). All functions of the device, including firmware and blacklist updates, are automatic, requiring no human intervention.

Accurate Results

By combining CSphrase Internet Filter Technology with a robust blacklist, the ComSifter stops an estimated 98 percent of inappropriate content, compared to the 50 to 75 percent accuracy more typical in the industry. CSphrase Internet Filter Technology scans every word on the page, analyzing the context to determine if the page should be blocked. All this is done in a fraction of a second. ComSifter includes a Port Blocker that permits blocking of port hopping peer-to-peer download and chat programs such as Kazaa (music) and IM (chat).

Pricing & Availability

The new ComSifter products are available now. ComSifters have already been installed in many schools, libraries, and other organizations and are compliant with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), fulfilling the Technology Protection Measure requirement of that act.

The CS-1 is $698, CS-8 is $898, and CS-8 Pro is $998. Prices include the first year of Standard Weekly Download Plan. Annual renewal prices are $299 for Standard Weekly Download Plan or $399 for Premium Daily Download Plan. There is no seat licensing and pricing is independent of the number of computers in the network.

All units come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-year hardware warranty, plus web & email support. Academic and reseller pricing is available.

About Comsift, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Comsift, Inc. is a private, women-owned business that was founded by parents who were concerned that existing school Internet filtering approaches were not protecting their children from inappropriate content on the Internet. From this successful foundation, Comsift has expanded its product line and technology to address the needs of business owners and users. For more information about the San Jose, CA-based company, phone 866-875-1254, email or visit the company's web site at

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