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September 15, 2016 09:00 ET

Comverge IntelliSOURCE Enterprise™ Redefines Expectations for Demand Response Management Systems

Modular Software Platform Is Industry's Most Comprehensive Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and Distributed Energy Resource Solution

NORCROSS, GA--(Marketwired - September 15, 2016) - Comverge, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based demand response and energy efficiency solutions for electric utilities, today announced IntelliSOURCE Enterprise™, which redefines the industry's expectations of a demand response management system (DRMS) by providing extensive additional capabilities, including integrated modules to manage energy efficiency programs and distributed energy resources, all powered by a world-class analytics engine.

Electric utilities are evolving and need solutions that manage supply variability, prolong the life of distribution assets, integrate distributed energy resources (DER), engage customers, and provide insight and control of the two-way grid. To meet these new challenges, IntelliSOURCE Enterprise provides a suite of fully integrated modules that enable utilities to manage demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement programs, coordinate bring your own devices and DER, and take advantage of consumer energy data analytics opportunities. By having one integrated platform to manage this complexity, utilities can ensure optimal performance of assets and achieve target outcomes of demand-side management initiatives.

"IntelliSOURCE Enterprise is the only solution in the industry that gives the utility a single enterprise platform -- rather than a mix of pieces and parts that the utility needs to cobble together -- to manage behind-the-meter connected resources and strengthen their customer relationships in one orchestrated approach," said Greg Dukat, Comverge Chairman, President and CEO. "IntelliSOURCE Enterprise gives our clients the software they need to successfully meet and exceed the objectives of their demand-side management programs. This is why it is the most widely deployed enterprise DRMS in the industry."

IntelliSOURCE Enterprise is the only platform that automates every phase of demand response and energy efficiency programs, while also providing utilities a single operational view into all of their demand-side management (DSM) initiatives. By providing a consistent architecture and unified data model across all modules, IntelliSOURCE Enterprise enables a fast, cost-effective, and low risk implementation of a comprehensive solution. IntelliSOURCE Enterprise can be deployed as either a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

IntelliSOURCE Enterprise modules can also be deployed incrementally to manage specific program components, while providing a path to deploy additional modules. All modules are designed with an open architecture that enables them to integrate easily with existing solutions.

IntelliSOURCE Enterprise includes the following modules:

  • IntelliSOURCE-Acquire™ - Provides a wide range of tools for market segmentation, campaign management and customer enrollment to manage the full customer acquisition and program registration process.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Work™ - Automates all processes related to device deployment, including contact management, call center support, work order management and inventory management.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Control™ - Allows utilities to build customized control strategies based on specific system requirements. The IntelliSOURCE-Control optimization engine takes into account the real-time operating status of all demand-side resources with varying customer preferences and program rules to deliver a precise curtailment shape. It supports all industry standard direct load control strategies, including advanced cycling algorithms, temperature set back, price response and customer notification, and can be used to coordinate and control third-party demand response programs.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Com™ - Enables communication with hundreds of thousands of end devices over a diverse set of communication networks, including Wi-Fi, cellular, paging, AMI, and also includes support for OpenADR 2.0b. IntelliSOURCE-Com handles event dispatch, pricing configuration, firmware management, and network health monitoring.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Connect™ - Gives utilities the ability to easily include popular retail Wi-Fi thermostats and other third-party devices in new or existing demand response and energy efficiency programs. IntelliSOURCE-Connect provides for secure enrollment, seamless engagement, and aggregated forecasting capabilities across devices. IntelliSOURCE Enterprise gives utilities a single platform for managing both direct install and BYOD devices across all customer classes.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Customer™ - Demand response programs have historically provided a mechanism for utilities to increase customer satisfaction and drive better J.D. Power scores. IntelliSOURCE-Customer enables utilities to deepen customer engagement by layering energy efficiency and bill management capabilities on to demand response programs. IntelliSOURCE-Customer includes tools for mobile appliance control and an actionable tips engine that help customers conveniently reduce household energy consumption. This adds to the bill savings already provided by demand response program incentive payments, while keeping the utility brand front-and-center.
  • IntelliSOURCE-DERMS™ - As new residential distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles, emerge alongside traditional demand response resources, such as water heaters and HVAC, IntelliSOURCE-DERMS enables utilities to manage the complexity of coordinating and integrating all of these assets. This will help utilities maintain power quality, ensure grid reliability, realize benefits, including deferred investments in distribution infrastructure, and deliver a seamless customer experience. With IntelliSOURCE-DERMS, electric utilities can thrive as the grid becomes increasingly complex.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Analytics™ - Leveraging individual premises, devices, and meter data, IntelliSOURCE-Analytics improves the performance of demand-side management programs by giving utilities such insights as customer enrollment propensity and granular, accurate forecasts of available demand response capacity. IntelliSOURCE-Analytics builds a detailed and continuously updated thermodynamic model of every enrolled customer premises, which it uses to optimize daily thermostat operations, deliver relevant, personal and actionable energy-saving insights to customers, and customize demand response dispatch strategies to maintain customer comfort and deliver maximum load drop at each premises.
  • IntelliSOURCE-Defense™ - Cybersecurity is top of mind for every utility executive, especially when it comes to distributed energy resources, such as demand response devices that may provide an entry point to the grid. IntelliSOURCE-Defense provides peace of mind through multiple, redundant layers of security for the application, framework, infrastructure, and communications. IntelliSOURCE-Defense is regularly examined by an independent third-party security firm and complies with NERC CIP and NIST guidelines.

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Comverge is the industry's leading provider of integrated cloud-based demand response, energy efficiency and customer engagement solutions that enable electric utilities to ensure grid reliability, lower energy costs, meet regulatory demands, and enhance the customer experience. Through its combination of software, hardware and services, Comverge helps utilities optimize every aspect of a demand management program, from participant recruitment and device installation to call center support, control events, and measurement and verification. Comverge has worked with hundreds of electric utilities to deploy nearly six million energy management devices and enroll more than two million residential customers into mass-market demand management programs. In July 2015, Navigant Research ranked Comverge the industry's number one demand response provider. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @Comverge.

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