May 28, 2013 10:04 ET

Comview Corporation Pursues AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwired - May 28, 2013) - AOTMP is pleased to announce Comview Corporation's participation in the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program.

The Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program consists of three stages -- diagnostic, scoring and certification. The diagnostic will aid Comview in identifying and closing capabilities gaps against the Efficiency First® Framework, while scoring measures capabilities alignment, solution performance and customer satisfaction. Certification is awarded upon meeting or exceeding top tier performance requirements.

"AOTMP is thrilled to partner with Comview throughout the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program," said CEO Tim Lybrook. "Comview is a perennial leader in customer satisfaction established through AOTMP's enterprise satisfaction research. Comview is taking its customer satisfaction commitment to new heights with this Program by aligning its TEM solution with the Efficiency First® Framework and validating the solution value delivered to its clients."

"We're excited to be an early adopter of AOTMP's Efficiency First® Program," said John Perri, CEO of Comview. "I believe the Program will raise the bar for all TEM vendors, provide great benefits to the end user community and further establish TEM as a best practice."

Comview's participation in the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program serves as an outward symbol of its commitment to excellence and desire to provide an unparalleled solution to both its clients and the marketplace.

The Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program aligns vendor solution capabilities to the Efficiency First® Framework, a standard for driving technical, financial and operational efficiency across enterprise fixed and mobile telecommunications environments.

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