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April 12, 2011 07:00 ET

Conceptua Math Adds Quantile Measures to Leading Fractions Program

Mathematics Metric Matches Students With Conceptua Fractions Activities at the Right Level

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - Conceptua Math is now offering educators a new way to match students with instructional activities at the right developmental level. The company has partnered with MetaMetrics®, developer of The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, to assign Quantile measures to many of the activities in its innovative Conceptua™ Fractions program, providing educators with valuable information to help guide classroom instruction and support student learning.

"Fractions are tough to teach and equally difficult for students to learn," said Conceptua Math CEO Arjan Khalsa. "Our goal is to provide classroom teachers with the tools and support they need to help students succeed with fractions. By adding Quantile measures to our online activities, we are providing them with important information about the difficulty of particular skills and concepts so that they can best connect students with instructional exercises at an appropriate readiness level."

Conceptua Fractions comprises interactive tools and over 400 targeted practice activities -- now with Quantile measures -- on fractions topics covered in grades 2-7. The program is correlated with most major mathematics textbooks and the Common Core State Standards. It supports both group and individual instruction by using visual models, sequenced activities and verbalized feedback to challenge students based on their own learning styles and to keep them engaged throughout the entire learning process. Conceptua Fractions' built-in assessments allow educators to diagnose student misconceptions, choose remediations and monitor progress as students advance through the core curriculum. For more information, including subscription pricing options, visit

"With Quantile measures in Conceptua Fractions, educators can better connect students with targeted activities that match their mathematical achievement level," said MetaMetrics President and co-founder Malbert Smith III, Ph.D. "Regardless of where a student may be in his or her understanding of fractions, educators can use the Quantile measures of the activities to match the student with skills and concepts that best meet his or her unique learning needs."

MetaMetrics' Quantile measurement service calibrates the mathematical skills or concepts related to each activity with the Quantile Framework in order to calculate the Quantile measure of that activity. The Quantile measure describes the difficulty of the skill or concept being taught and the demand on student ability required to learn it. Each activity is measured by MetaMetrics' subject matter experts in order to obtain an accurate Quantile measure.

The Quantile Framework differs from other measurement systems in that it evaluates mathematical achievement and the difficulty of mathematical skills and concepts on the same developmental scale. Quantile measures describe a student's readiness for instruction and indicate which skills and concepts the student is ready to learn and those that will require more instruction. Educators and parents can use this information to connect the student with resources that meet his or her unique learning needs and to determine if the student is on track to pass year-end assessments and be ready for the demands of college and careers. For additional information, and to access the free Quantile Teacher Assistant ( and Math@Home ( web utilities, visit

About Conceptua Math
Conceptua Math was founded on the belief that all students are capable of learning mathematics in a profound way when it is taught with an approach that appeals to their learning styles. Conceptua Fractions uses visual models in a ground-breaking online curriculum to build conceptual understanding and procedural fluency with fractions. The Conceptua Math Team has a proven track record as prior leaders of IntelliTools, where they built strong market leadership in assistive technology for education. The Team has over 70 years combined experience in curriculum and software development and is driven by a passion for mathematics education. Learn more at

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