The Concerned Shareholders of Maudore Minerals Ltd.

July 09, 2012 16:00 ET

Concerned Shareholders Remind and Urge Maudore Shareholders to Vote the YELLOW Proxy and Comment on ISS

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 9, 2012) - Concerned shareholders of Maudore Minerals Ltd. ("Maudore"), consisting of Rex Harbour, The Harbour Foundation and City Securities Limited, holders of approximately 18.4% of Maudore shares (the "Concerned Shareholders"), remind fellow shareholders that to support change, votes must be submitted as soon as possible, given the July 19, 2012 meeting date is quickly approaching.

The Concerned Shareholders also wish to express their disappointment with the report by Institutional Shareholder Services ("ISS") regarding the replacement of the current board of Maudore. "ISS has reached the wrong conclusion," said Rex Harbour on behalf of the Concerned Shareholders. "ISS erroneously overlooked five crucial points:

  • The TSR performance of the company and its current balance sheet have been supported over the past few years by the same shareholders who are now demanding a change in management. For example, in the most recent private placement raising $13.6 million, the Concerned Shareholders purchased almost two-thirds ($8.4 million) of the total.

  • The Concerned Shareholders have the unequivocal support for their director nominees from Anglo Pacific Group plc, the second largest shareholder of Maudore and a leader in the global mining industry.

  • Management's new nominees were recruited in a hastened manner these past weeks due to the sudden resignations of Yale Simpson and Anne Slivitzky and the retirement of Morris Beattie. The timing and manner of these departures leads to the unavoidable conclusion that all is not well at Maudore. In fact, Anne Slivitzky, the longest serving director of the company, has expressed her willingness to re-join the board once current management is replaced.

  • Our proposed Chairman and CEO, Kevin Tomlinson and Howard Carr, have an average age of 49 and a combined total of 45 years of hands-on industry experience at discovery, delineation, development and production, as well as financial expertise. The current CEO and Chairman have no technical background in mining and even with an average age of 69, there is no indication that Maudore has prepared a proactive succession plan, either on a long term or emergency basis.

  • Maudore's business is mining and it follows that technical expertise should sit within the board and management, not within a technical advisory board as has been proposed by management. A junior exploration company such as Maudore should not need a separate (and potentially expensive) technical advisory board with no decision-making power to supplement a seven person board, unless the required expertise is lacking in-house."

ISS, despite its conclusion, correctly highlighted the Concerned Shareholders' detailed business plan and observed that "the focal point of this proxy contest is whether there is sufficient evidence to prove that the current board and management lack competent technical expertise in handling mining projects".

"What is needed going forward are mining development and exploration management skills that our slate provides and that the present management lacks," said Mr. Harbour. "We stand by our strong belief that the current management lacks the technical understanding and drive needed to bring Comtois to production. We urge all shareholders to read our circular and our 100 Day Action Plan objectively and compare it against management's continued empty promises."

Maudore is at a Critical Juncture - Vote YELLOW to Support Change

Regardless of how many shares you own, all Maudore shareholders are urged to read the information circular prepared by the Concerned Shareholders, and to seize this opportunity and vote the YELLOW proxy to ensure change.

Shareholders who have voted the management proxy and wish to support the Concerned Shareholders have the right to change their vote by simply executing a yellow proxy. As a later-dated yellow proxy replaces a previously recorded vote.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, YELLOW proxies must be returned no later than July 16, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. (Toronto Time).

To keep current with all further developments and for assistance and ease with voting your YELLOW proxy, please contact Phoenix Advisory Partners at 1-800-239-6813 (toll free in North America) or 1-201-806-2222 (outside North America, banks, brokers and collect calls) or by email at We encourage all holders to visit the Concerned Shareholder website at where the YELLOW proxy can be easily voted by clicking on the "Vote Here Now" button.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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