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November 17, 2016 11:03 ET

ConcertoHealth® & MeridianCare Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership, MeridianCare Continuum

ConcertoHealth Will Deploy Its Proven Integrated Care Model to Support MeridianCare's Medicare Physician Network throughout Michigan

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 17, 2016) - ConcertoHealth and MeridianCare of Michigan announced today they are expanding their strategic partnership to serve MeridianCare's Medicare physician network across the state of Michigan, going live Jan. 1, 2017. This partnership, to be referred to as MeridianCare Continuum, is an expansion of their value-based contract to improve healthcare quality and access for all MeridianCare patients throughout the state. This will include ConcertoHealth expanding into Central and West Michigan.

ConcertoHealth will support MeridianCare's physician network by providing clinical services, as well as offering ConcertoHealth's proprietary population health platform and clinical workflow engine. ConcertoHealth has demonstrated capabilities in caring for Medicare, Medicaid and complex populations.

ConcertoHealth supports network physicians with a high-touch, interdisciplinary care team, to ensure patients receive seamless, individualized care across all settings. ConcertoHealth's population health platform and point-of-care workflow engine enable busy providers to monitor and manage patient care more efficiently. ConcertoHealth will extend this comprehensive suite of clinical supports and services to all physicians in MeridianCare's Medicare Advantage HMO plan, Dual Special Needs Plan, and Medicare-Medicaid Plan across the state of Michigan.

A family-owned, family-operated company since 1997, Meridian has long-held a reputation as a leader in developing high-quality provider networks and attractive benefit plans for Michiganders.

"MeridianCare Continuum is committed to creating an efficient, accountable and collaborative healthcare system for our members and our communities," said Jon Cotton, president and COO of Meridian. "To lead this transition, MeridianCare is making investments that will drive this transformation. Our partnership with ConcertoHealth illustrates our commitment to innovative healthcare services and technologies that foster an integrated, value-based approach to healthcare delivery," he added.

"ConcertoHealth is very excited to support MeridianCare's Medicare business across the State of Michigan. Our expanded partnership allows us to deploy our proven proprietary care model and technology to support thousands of additional physicians and their patients," said ConcertoHealth CEO, Alec Cunningham, "all under a value-based payment model. We understand the challenges that physicians face in managing complex patients across the entire continuum of care.

"By empowering MeridianCare's providers with the same tools and incentives as our employed physicians, we can help MeridianCare to transition Michigan's delivery system from volume-based care to outcomes- and value-based care." Cunningham said. "We are eager to support the growth and success of MeridianCare's Medicare business in Michigan and beyond."

ConcertoHealth offers a unique care model that goes beyond the scope of traditional primary care services to include hospital-based physicians, nurse-case managers, care coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, and logistical supports among others. The company's interdisciplinary care team wraps around and supports its employed primary care physicians, as well as independent physician practices in its payor partners' contracted networks. Equipped with mobile diagnostic equipment and the company's proprietary population health management technology, Concerto's care team can treat patients and coordinate their care from any setting -- be it at home, in the hospital, or in an outpatient setting.

"ConcertoHealth expects physicians and their patients to experience an immediate benefit from the combination of MeridianCare's market-leading benefits and Concerto's innovative healthcare services and technology platform," said Cunningham.

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