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The Descartes Systems Group Inc.

November 02, 2006 07:00 ET

Concord Trucking Certified for ACE Filing Using Descartes' ACE-4-Trucks Service

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 2, 2006) - The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (TSX:DSG)(NASDAQ:DSGX) -

Concord Trucking is certified to file electronic truck manifests with United States Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) new mandatory Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) using logistics specialist Descartes' ACE-4-Trucks service.

Descartes' ACE-4-Trucks service helps truck carriers and freight forwarders comply with CBP's new e-Manifest initiative that requires carriers to provide CBP with shipment, carrier and other information through ACE prior to entering the United States. Trucks entering the United States through all ports of entry in the states of Washington, Arizona and selected ports in North Dakota will be required to transmit the advance information through ACE effective January 25, 2007. ACE will be phased in at the remaining ports of entry as quickly as 90 days after notice is printed in the Federal Register.

Descartes' ACE-4-Trucks service is a component of the Import 2000 technology that joined the Global Logistics Network (GLN) as part of Descartes' acquisition of Flagship Customs Services (FCS) on June 30th. Concord Trucking is a long standing customer of ViaSafe, another leading customs filing company that was acquired by Descartes on April 7th.

Descartes said Concord Trucking is a good example of the solutions available to truck carriers and freight forwarders using the combination of FCS, ViaSafe and the GLN. Concord Trucking is using FCS' best-of-breed customs filing technology together with the thousands of GLN-connected logistics trading partners and regulatory authorities.

For Concord Trucking, North American users can electronically submit truck manifests to CBP for shipments travelling into the United States from Canada. Descartes said Concord Trucking's users will access the ACE-4-Trucks web interface to supplement data transmitted from its back office systems to efficiently manage CBP's new ACE requirements.

"We needed an electronic solution to help us comply with CBP's new ACE e-Manifest rules," said Brad Dicken, regional vice-president, Canada for Concord Trucking. "We've had a long-standing relationship with ViaSafe where they've helped us coordinate with customs brokers to efficiently move our shipments into Canada. After Descartes acquired ViaSafe, Descartes showed us the ACE-4-Trucks solution and worked with us to get certified and implemented in just a few weeks. Our customers can now rest assured that their freight will not be held at the border because filings haven't been made."

Descartes said there are still many truck carriers travelling into the US that are not yet certified to use ACE and may face a rush to be certified by the time e-Manifest filings are mandatory. Descartes indicated that larger truck carriers like Concord Trucking are taking steps to get certified before that rush takes place.

"Concord, like many of our customers, wanted to take a proactive step to be certified and implemented to file electronically to ACE ahead of the date the filings are mandatory," said Edward Ryan, General Manager of Descartes' GLN. "We are happy to help them provide top quality service to their customers and help avoid potential delays with cross-border freight."

Descartes (NASDAQ:DSGX)(TSX:DSG) is a software-as-a-service company that has been dedicated since its founding in 1984 to developing the world's largest multimodal electronic logistics messaging network, called the Global Logistics Network or GLN. Descartes' on-demand GLN processes more than a million messages every day for companies with transport operations. Descartes also offers software layered on top of the GLN for areas including truck scheduling and route optimization that allows carriers, shippers and intermediaries to translate these messages into actionable information. This information is shared by more than 3,000 Descartes customers, and their customers, in 60 countries. Descartes' customers include about 1,600 ground carriers and more than 90 airlines, 30 ocean carriers, 900 freight forwarders and third-party providers of logistics services, and hundreds of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, private fleet owners and regulatory agencies. The company has about 295 employees and is based in Waterloo, Ontario, with operations in Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Stockholm.

This release contains statements that are considered forward-looking information by applicable securities laws ("forward-looking statements"), including statements that relate to Descartes' product and service functionality and performance; potential benefits derived therefrom in general and by Concord Trucking; the requirements and effective date of CBP's mandatory e-Manifest initiative; Descartes' ability to aid compliance with ACE and the e-Manifest initiative; Descartes' competitive position; and other matters that may constitute forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Descartes to differ materially from the anticipated results, performance or achievements implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to, changes in changes in Descartes' solutions or services; changes in CBP's e-Manifest initiative or when or if such initiative becomes mandatory; and the factors discussed in the sections entitled "Risk Factors" and "Certain Factors That May Affect Future Results" in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ontario Securities Commission and other securities commissions across Canada. If any of such risks or factors actually occurs, they could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

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