The Ontario Migraine Clinic

The Ontario Migraine Clinic

September 14, 2011 14:12 ET

Concussion Treatment Adopted by High-Profile Athletes Proves to Be Successful

Acupuncture from the Ontario Migraine Clinic Quickly Becoming Trusted Treatment for International Athletes

GEORGETOWN, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2011) - In light of the recent surge in concussions among international athletes, Brendan Cleary, from the Ontario Migraine Clinic has experienced a corresponding increase in athletes seeking his services. Brendan provides a unique method of acupuncture to treat migraine and pain but has also recently helped numerous high-profile athletes to overcome their concussions.

These elite athletes and patients from all over the world have chosen the Ontario Migraine Clinic on account of the high success rate and lack of side effects Brendan's method offers. Acupuncture allows the athletes to continue training and balance a busy lifestyle while receiving treatments. To stress his dedication to ensure fast recovery, Brendan travels to and with the athlete to expedite their return to optimal health.

What makes Brendan's program different from other forms of treatment is the tailored assessment and treatment according to each athlete's specific injury as opposed to prescribing identical treatment for all.

Brendan Cleary is available for interview to discuss how his method of acupuncture has been effective for treating concussed athletes. Spreading awareness of using acupuncture as a concussion remedy is vital in helping athletes to recover and avoid missing any game time.

About The Ontario Migraine Clinic:

Established in 1999, the Ontario Migraine Clinic ( provides a unique method of acupuncture to treat, prevent and educate migraine headaches and pain. The Ontario Migraine Clinic's Brendan Cleary was awarded the Star of Asia by the Open University of Complementary Medicine. This is the first time that this Star has been awarded to someone in North America.

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