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April 16, 2009 10:40 ET

Conduit Development Sets New Standards for Eco-Friendly Building Practices

Breathtaking San Pedro "Green" Home Unites Stunning Architecture, Earth-First Sustainability

SAN PEDRO, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - Conduit Development, a leading Southern California sustainable builder and developer, has embarked on yet another benchmark endeavor in sustainable green building. Perched high atop the oceanfront bluffs in San Pedro, Calif., an outdated, 2,200-square-foot home built in 1962 is being transformed into a spacious, 3,300-square-foot green home that promises to set a new standard for eco-friendly construction while leaving a treasured legacy for generations to come.

The visionary owners of this San Pedro home first turned to Conduit Development less than a year ago with their construction plans already more than 75% complete. While the original plans called for a traditional wood-frame structure, the owners soon realized that they had a remarkable opportunity to create not just a house, but a fully sustainable dream home that would withstand the test of time and realize thousands of dollars in long-terms savings.

After meeting with Conduit -- well-known experts in the growing field of eco-friendly building practices -- the owners altered their architectural plans to accommodate Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction. Made of energy-saving expanded polystyrene (EPS), these igloo-like blocks are stacked like Legos, then filled with concrete to create stable, durable and sustainable walls and foundations. By incorporating ICF technology at the very core of their new home, the San Pedro project will require 30-50% less energy to heat and cool, will feature superior sound insulation and will be wind, fire, insect and rodent resistant. Collectively, these benefits will help create a safe, quiet and comfortable living environment for many, many years -- four times longer than traditional wood frame construction, according to industry experts.

Working with the team at Conduit to chart a new ICF course was only one of the first eco-forward steps taken by the homeowners. Relying heavily on Conduit's knowledge and expertise in sustainable green building, the demolition and re-building process has continued to showcase a myriad of Earth-friendly practices designed to minimize wasteful energy use, maximize efficiency, enhance property value and conserve vital natural resources. Here are a few examples:

Eco-Friendly Building Practices for the San Pedro "Green" Home:

* 70% of all demolition material recycled for re-use
* 75% on-site waste reduction during construction
* Strategic orientation of home to take advantage of abundant natural light
* Foundation and walls constructed using innovative ICF technology for
maximum insulation and efficiency
* Zero waste from foundation and wall construction -- leftover ICF
materials are recycled and used as insulation
* Energy-efficient kitchen and bath fixtures throughout home to promote
water conservation
* Solar energy panels that serve as an alternative energy source
* Drought-tolerant gardens to minimize water use and soil run-off
* Energy Star-qualified roof products to reduce peak cooking demand by 10%
to 15%
* Use of overhanging solar shades
* Installation of energy-efficient windows with dual-glaze
* Use of low-emitting materials whenever possible to reduce toxicity,
including zero-VOC paints and sealants, and strawboard for sub-flooring
* Installation of green HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning)
systems to filter incoming air and venting stale air outside while using
minimal energy
* And more!

Thanks to these eco-friendly, energy-saving steps undertaken by Conduit Development in partnership with homeowners who have an eye on the future, this stunning San Pedro home promises to be as Earth-friendly as it is architecturally appealing, setting a new building standard throughout Southern California.

Currently under construction, this landmark project is estimated to be complete by October of this year. To tour the construction site, attend a workshop and learn more about the sustainable building practices implemented by Conduit, including ICF construction, call 562.430.3727.

About Conduit Development:

Based in Long Beach, Calif., Conduit Development is a fully integrated, full-service residential and commercial construction firm specializing in green sustainable building practices. Under the leadership of President, Simon Gonzales Jr., an industry veteran with more than 30 years of construction experience, and CEO Denise C. Gonzales, Conduit approaches every project with an Earth-first attitude, saving clients thousands of dollars over time by making buildings more efficient and sustainable from the very beginning. With environmentally friendly building practices quickly becoming the norm, Conduit is charting a new course to create a more efficient, eco-friendly future that helps homes and commercial businesses conserve vital resources as they withstand the test of time.

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