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March 09, 2011 12:05 ET

Conference on Research and Policy Implications of International Large-Scale Assessments

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - The mission of expanding educational opportunities and driving innovation in assessment by Educational Testing Service (ETS) continues with the convening of ETS's latest conference, "The Role of International Large-Scale Assessments in Educational Policy."

The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss multidisciplinary issues related to the use and implementation of international large-scale assessments. Policymakers and educators worldwide are increasingly concerned with how their students and citizens perform on these assessments. This conference will explore the role of both cognitive and noncognitive skills in the assessments. It will also discuss the role of the assessments in research on educational effectiveness and school development.

In his keynote address, Dr. Jo Ritzen, Chair, Empower European Universities -- an NGO Former Minister of Education, The Netherlands will discuss large-scale assessments as change agents; the increasing role of large-scale assessments to promote greater education outcomes; and a number of case studies, such as the Dutch experiences with the publication of results per school and the experience with the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

International Large-Scale Assessment Conference
"The Role of International Large-Scale Assessments in Educational Policy"

March 16 through March 18, 2011

Educational Testing Service
Chauncey Conference Center
660 Rosedale Road
Princeton, NJ 08541

This conference will cover the following topics:

  • Technologies in large-scale assessments
  • The role of assessing cognitive skills in international growth and development
  • The utility and need for assessing noncognitive skills in large-scale assessments
  • The contributions of international large-scale studies in civic engagement and citizenship
  • The role of large-scale assessments in research on educational effectiveness and school development

A detailed conference overview can be found here. Papers, presentations and video footage will be compiled and made available via the web after the conference.

Members of the media interested in attending should contact Jason Baran at (609) 683-2428 or

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