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Confident Technologies, Inc.

November 16, 2011 08:00 ET

Confident Technologies Delivers Confident AdCAPTCHA™ Advertising CAPTCHA Software

Picture-Based CAPTCHA Stops Spam Bots While Providing an Engaging Online Advertising Channel

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 16, 2011) - Confident Technologies, Inc., a provider of image-based authentication and verification solutions for websites and mobile applications, today unveiled Confident AdCAPTCHA™, an image-based CAPTCHA technology that stops spam and malicious bots on websites while providing website owners and online advertisers with a new and engaging online advertising channel to promote their company logos, branded images or promotional messages within the unique, picture-based CAPTCHA security tool.

Unlike banner ads which are usually ignored by website visitors, the CAPTCHA is a security test that people must solve in order to complete a transaction, post a comment, reset a password, set up an online account or make a purchase. As a result, the website visitor is actively engaged with the CAPTCHA. Confident AdCAPTCHA™ enables the website owner or other online businesses to make the most of that undivided attention by promoting their own marketing and business messages or including their branded images within the CAPTCHA security test itself. Hyperlinks can also be embedded within the sponsored messages or images, which open a relevant web page in another browser window after the user has successfully completed the CAPTCHA security test.

Confident AdCAPTCHA stops automated computer programs called bots from spreading spam, registering fraudulent accounts or conducting other malicious activities on websites. It differentiates human visitors from bots by asking website visitors to click on a few specific pictures from a grid of random images.

Making CAPTCHA Easier on Mobile Devices

As a clickable, image-based approach, Confident AdCAPTCHA™ takes just seconds to complete and is easy to use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets -- all a person must do is tap a few pictures on the device's touchscreen display. In contrast, other CAPTCHA techniques force people to decipher illegible text, watch a Flash video (which are not compatible with some mobile operating systems) or type a phrase -- all of which are especially difficult on mobile devices that have small screens and soft keypads.

"Confident AdCAPTCHA™ is remarkably easier for people to use, better at stopping bots and provides an engaging and untapped marketing channel," said Curtis H. Staker, Chief Executive Officer, Confident Technologies, Inc. "There are approximately 9 billion CAPTCHAs served on the Web every month. Most rely on warped text that, in an effort to stop increasingly sophisticated bots, has become absurdly difficult for people to read. Confident AdCAPTCHA™ balances security with usability and introduces an unobtrusive advertising channel for promoting products, brands or messages through those billions of CAPTCHAs served across the Web."

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Confident AdCAPTCHA™ is currently available in limited beta for select, enterprise-level websites. It will be widely available for websites of all sizes in the near future.

To participate in the beta program and use Confident AdCAPTCHA on your website, contact or visit

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