December 16, 2008 12:51 ET

"Connect by Hertz" Launches Global Car Sharing Initiative

Car Sharing Club Introduced to Neighborhoods in London, New York City and Paris

PARK RIDGE, NJ--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - Hertz, the world's largest general use car rental company, has launched Connect by Hertz car sharing club, the only global car share club offered by an international car rental company, with neighborhood parking in London, New York City and Paris. Dedicated to providing the flexibility of car sharing with a superior customer experience, further cities, as well as universities, for Connect by Hertz are planned for 2009 and beyond, and members will benefit from reciprocal membership at any Connect by Hertz city in the world in early 2009.

Connect by Hertz ( offers consumers an economical, convenient and socially conscious alternative to car ownership. Upon enrolling, the self-service, pay-as-you-go system provides members with 24/7 access to a centrally located fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles strategically distributed over a neighborhood or city, transferring the fixed costs of car ownership to per-trip costs. Membership in Connect by Hertz includes insurance, fuel, roadside assistance, maintenance and cleaning. Connect by Hertz members enjoy a paperless program where they can reserve, drive and return vehicles all on their own, via the internet or phone.

"Hertz's vision is to offer total mobility solutions and car sharing is a logical step for the Company. In line with Hertz's long term growth plans, Connect by Hertz supports Hertz's diversified business model by providing best-in-class transportation solutions across the spectrum of customer needs," commented Mark P. Frissora, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hertz Corporation. "In addition to being environmentally friendly, Connect by Hertz cars can save members thousands of dollars a year in vehicle ownership costs and, by leveraging Hertz's established infrastructure, we're the first major car rental company to be able to offer members the first global car sharing program. With aggressive plans for expansion, Connect by Hertz has all the elements to become a successful and profitable part of Hertz."

Connect by Hertz cars are chosen based on a set of aggressive standards established in the categories of manufacturing/maintenance quality, environmental sustainability, safety and a blend of fun and functionality. Environmentally friendly, each car sharing vehicle eliminates up to 14 traditional passenger cars from the road*. The showcase car of the Connect by Hertz fleet in the US is the Toyota Prius. Known for its high fuel-efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions, the reduced environmental impact of the Prius versus ordinary vehicles is most dramatic in stop-and-go city driving where the hybrid often operates on its electric motor. Additionally, all Connect by Hertz cars in the US are EPA SmartWay certified, indicating high quality environmental performance. The fuel emissions of the London and Paris cars are significantly less than the voluntary target of a maximum 140 g/km CO2 output set by the EU for the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

"We're living in an increasingly mobile society with today's consumers demonstrating an intense willingness to look at alternate modes of transportation, whether it be for economical or environmental reasons," continued Frissora. "An easy-to-use, paperless program that harnesses the latest in technology, Connect by Hertz unites people to places while meeting the ever changing transportation needs of society."

Connect by Hertz adapts the latest in end-to-end telematics to further provide superior customer service. Members enroll online where they are also able to retrieve their invoice and access their driving history. Upon making a reservation, each member receives an email confirmation as well as a text message indicating the reserved car's license plate and location. To unlock and engage the vehicle, members simply need to swipe their membership card, the Connect card, over the car's radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader.

In car, a hands-free audio kit connects members to a Member Care Center representative should they have questions, need assistance or need to extend their rental. The in-car technology also enables Connect by Hertz to 'communicate' with the vehicle enabling representatives to unlock, engage and locate vehicles. The technologically savvy cars are also equipped with iPod connectivity and, in the US, NeverLost® in-car navigation systems and EZ Pass transponders.

Upon enrolling in Connect by Hertz, members receive a smart chip enabled Connect card, which gives them keyless entry to any car in the fleet that the member reserves. Connect by Hertz members pay an hourly charge, must be 18 years or older, 19 in France, must be licensed with a good driving record for at least one year prior to joining. For more information, visit or call Member Care Services at 877-654-4400.

The Hertz Corporation, a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HTZ), is the world's largest general use car rental brand, operating from approximately 8,100 locations in 144 countries worldwide. Hertz is the number one airport car rental brand in the U.S. and at 69 major airports in Europe, operating both corporate and licensee locations in cities and airports in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the Company has licensee locations in cities and airports in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Product and service initiatives such as Hertz #1 Club Gold®, NeverLost® customized, onboard navigation systems, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and unique cars and SUVs offered through the company's Prestige, Fun and Green Collections, set Hertz apart from the competition. Hertz also operates one of the world's largest equipment rental businesses, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, offering a diverse line of equipment, including tools and supplies, as well as new and used equipment for sale, to customers ranging from major industrial companies to local contractors and consumers through approximately 350 branches in the United States, Canada, France, Spain and China.

Notes to editors:

                ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
Locations       New York            London              Paris
                120 West 21st St.   Marble Arch         Saint Eustache
                135 East 31st St.   Porchester Terrace  Hôtel de Ville
                180 West 20th St.   Shepherd's Bush     Notre Dame
                222 Lexington Ave.  St John's Wood      Maubert St
                250 West 34th St.   Victoria             Germain
                29 West 28th St.    Westminster         Patriarches
                305 West 33rd St.                       Montparnasse
                776 Ave. of the     Will launch in
                 Americas           Kilburn and Maida
                800 Ave. of the     Vale in January
                 Americas           2009
                9 West 31st St
                ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
Fleet           New York            London              Paris
                Toyota Prius        Ford Fiesta         Mini Cooper
                Ford Escape         Ford Focus          Opel Corsa
                Mazda 3             MINI Cooper D
                Mini Cooper
                Toyota Camry
                ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
Pricing         New York (Connect   London (Connect &   Paris (Connect & Go
                Plan) Annual        Go Plan) Annual     Plan) Annual
                Membership Fee:     Membership Fee:     Membership Fee:
                $50                 GBP 50              120EUR

                Prius: $10 per      Ford Fiesta:        Opel Corsa: 4EUR
                hour or $70 for 24  GBP 3.95 per hour   per hour or 32EUR
                hours plus $0.45    or GBP 31.60 for 24 for 24 hours plus
                per mile (first     hours plus GBP 0.25 0.35EUR per
                180 miles free).    per mile (first 30  kilometer. Now
                Now available.      miles free).        available.
                                    Available from
                Camry: $12 per      January 2009.       Opel Meriva: 5EUR
                hour or $84 for 24                      per hour or 40EUR
                hours plus $0.45    Ford Focus: GBP     for 24 hours plus
                per mile (first     5.95 per hour or    0.35EUR per
                180 miles free).    GBP 47.60 for 24    kilometer.
                Now available.      hours plus GBP 0.25 Available from
                                    per mile (first 30  January 2009.
                MINI Cooper: $14    miles free).
                per hour or $98     Available from      MINI Cooper: 6EUR
                for 24 hours plus   January 2009.       per hour or 48EUR
                $0.45 per mile                          for 24 hours plus
                (first 180 miles    MINI Cooper: GBP    0.35EUR per
                free).              6.95 per hour or    kilometer. Now
                Now available.      GBP 55.60 for 24    available.
                                    hours plus GBP
                                    0.25 per mile
                                    (first 30 miles
                                    free). Now
                ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

* Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)