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January 15, 2015 08:30 ET

Connect School of Languages Wins a Digital Book Award

Ground-Breaking ESL Textbooks Recognized in New York Gala

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 15, 2015) - The Study It English as a Second Language digital textbook series written by James Rice and Jamie Matechuk won a 2015 Digital Book Award in New York. The ground-breaking digital textbook series was recognized by the publishing world as the best enhanced digital academic book.

Winners of the Digital Book Awards were announced at a gala dinner in New York City on Wednesday January 15, 2015.  

"We are thrilled and quite surprised," says an overjoyed Rice. "To be honoured in the company of all these large publishing houses is overwhelming."

The textbook for the future has arrived -- one that is digital, mobile, interactive and updatable. The Study It textbooks are a customized set of interactive English Language multi-touch books. The books are available for download on iTunes. Connect has published over 50 different digital textbooks available for students and teachers. There are eight levels of grammar, eight levels of conversation, a listening series and a Business English series. 

The digital textbooks are a fraction of the cost of a paper textbook. "Paper textbooks range in price from $30 to $50 per book and they don't include video and audio files. Schools have to pay extra for these," says Rice. "Our books cost between $9.99 and $16.99 and include audio and video files plus updates are free."

Textbooks for language schools are changing. Paper Textbooks and photocopies are no longer accepted by students living in the digital/mobile world of education. There is an expectation that schools can and should be doing more to reach students who have grown up with the Internet at their fingertips. 

"Students don't want paper textbooks and don't get excited by PDFs," argues Matechuk, "we can offer so much more now. Our books have so many interactive widgets, video and audio activities for teachers and students. The books don't need wifi and we can update the content anytime. It is just a better way to study."

And the Digital Book World judging panel seemed to agree awarding the only English as a Second Language book nominated. 

"There is so much talk about education and technology now. But what is missing is that basic need for a student - teacher relationship," Rice emphasizes, "Our books help teachers and schools eliminate the need for too much technology in the classroom. Teachers don't need smart boards, projectors, dvd players, cd players or rows upon rows of PCs. And while we can argue about the role of the teacher in the classroom, we must agree that these 20th Century tools are often impediments to that basic student - teacher relationship that is fundamental to teaching and learning."

Connect School of Languages is a 1:1 iPad school that uses the Study It ESL textbook series in their school. The school has removed many common features found in schools today including DVD players, CD players, computer language labs, PCs and smart boards.

"Students carry all these devices in their pockets," says Rice. "We don't need to burden the classroom and the teacher with all of these different impediments. We just need to get the content delivered to them."

The Study It digital textbooks are leading the way to revolutionize the English as a Second Language content for future generations. 

For more information about Connect's innovative ESL textbook series or to a request a FREE copy please visit: 

For more information about Connect School of Languages and how they are using the iPad in the Classroom with the Study It series please visit: 

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